extremely unhinged SACU rebalance ideas

Interesting... I would at least suggest moving a few items around.

  • Allowing personal shield generator + tactical preservation system is a bit much?
  • All three RCH upgrades for UEF sacu are combat upgrades.

So for UEF: move TPS to back, engineering to RCH, targetting uplink to LCH?

RAS / QRS offering subsidised building is a weird one, but nice idea that the SACU must be building to get the (full) benefit.

IF i understand your proposed RAS change correctly, it results in the following issue.
A resource discount below the value loss from ctrking a structure allows building a structure and then reclaiming it to generate additional income. This becomes especially extreme for the soothsayer, which has a ratio of about 4mass/bt (other usable buildings would be between 1-2), resulting in an additional income of about 4x28x0.06 = 6.7 (with 28 being the SCUs halfed bp (using the adjusted engineering upgrade on top of this would tripple the income!) and 0.06 = 0.81 -0.75 being the amount of reclaim left after ctrking sth minus the cost to build them with a 25% discount. In case of the 100% discount for sera, this is an effecive income of 90 mass!).

Forumpros doing balance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wTcguJZh3A .
When a canis player remembers to build more than 3 units https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hjp8xJHuyA .

In that case the RAS bonus build effect would need to be removed, and a different bonus made for Seraphim. Maybe RAS as a whole is just strong enough as it is.

Quantum Rift Stabilizer seems just a bit OP.

EMPlasma conversion has too high a damage penalty, especially since it would also apply to its SAMs and torpedoes with no benefit to those weapons. Unless you can make the torpedoes and AA missiles stun as well I would say the damage shouldn’t be reduced by more than 25%.

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u

the GC beam is called phason laser btw

idk how any of these build cost reductions would work or be balanced anyway, it seems very against the way the game and its economy works

EMPlasma conversion and Quantum rift stabiliser look op


I like this.

Having Jamming and Sensors as two separate upgrades on two different positions (back and arm) never made sense to me.
This made the Intel Jammer preset the UEF has... well... nothing more than a big Meme.

Jamming as a standalone upgrade is almost never worth it.
I occasionally use it just to have something in that slot but choose shield over jamming 90% of the time.

Though, the only difference is that I would keep it as a back upgrade rather than an arm upgrade.

~ Stryker

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This was like a 3/10 on unhinged meter very disappointed

You should've made cybran stun affect SAMs too, since we were robbed of chrono affecting air.

i've always thought more upgrades on more body parts would be neat.

blackops has a nice amount

Move cybran acu gun upgrade to other arm.