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It would not be hard to establish the causal link that makes FAF complicit in that. The better question is why anybody would care about it to go through the motions of getting it proven in court.

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Then you will forgive me for the fact that 95% of other gaming communities continue to pay Russians even large gaming corporations continue to pay Russians despite sanctions (especially those in Europe) and yet here we are.

A quick look says the opposite with major companies no longer providing prize winnings to Russian residing players.

Eg: 3987fa26-d658-4ed8-9a63-8fbb7cc0dbfd-image.png

All the major esports leagues I researched have banned Russian teams from competing and cancelled any events held in Russia.


The closest we get is Team Spirit which was Russian but is now Serbian based.

This is all ignoring the fact that transferring funds to a Russian bank from our Danish one is nearly impossible due to EU's SWIFT ban on Russian banks. Are we forgetting the pain we had (have?) with not being able to access our account in the past? Do we want a repeat of that happening? Even if its only a small chance of happening its not worth risking.

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the situation above is arbitrary and shouldn’t have happened. Because it’s really just NOC deciding based on his personal vibes that day what is worth a personal avatar.

That's a pretty good description of what happened.

There is a thread in the promo-public channel on discord now that discusses avatar rules. All input is welcome.

Given there's someone clearly motivated to seeing FAF fail presumably at cost to themselves (the ongoing DDOS attacks), I don't believe the proposition that that FAF could get away with breaching the law because no-one will care.

@maudlin27 Explain how is it a breach of law? Any law that states that you can't send money to turbo2? This is the presumption of guilty not of the innocence


I’m not saying FAF should work to breach the law, my solution was still to reserve the funds while providing in kind services as options for people that don’t feel like waiting.

Though I also feel like the “waiting” isn’t really a necessary condition and the transfer of FAF money for a service should be viable for anyone that wins FAF money.

@lunyshko It's been made clear in previous iterations of this discussion that several people were intending to forward the money to Russian members who otherwise would not be able to receive prize money.

You can argue that such actions fall beyond what the board should be concerned about, but the worry remains that FAF remained possibly liable for such actions nonetheless. Legal advise was sought, but no definitive answer obtained. As such, the board has chosen to err on the side of caution, as it is most important to not jeopardize the FAF project, even if this meant that a handful of Russian players were unable to receive any financial prizes. I'm sure you'll be able to understand that the (perceived) risk involved here does not outweigh the rewards (pun not intended).

This sucks for those players and it's not their fault, but such are the consequences of living in a warmongering state.

Again, all of this has previously been discussed to death, and the conclusions that were reached by the board are unlikely to change. It's time to stop this discussion, if only so that we can return to the issue at hand:

We were discussing on how to deal with avatars, both in the global sense of needing proper guidelines to handle future assignments, as well as the specific sense of how to deal with the custom avatar given out by NOC as a replacement for the tournament prize.

There are efforts made to work out a good set of guidelines, mostly based on the earlier framework by FTX and some current revisions by Fichom. Further input on this is very welcome, please see the relevant discord channel.

"Design is an iterative process. The necessary number of iterations is one more than the number you have currently done. This is true at any point in time."

Newest map: luminary.png

Yes, lets risk the entire FAF project for a few measly bucks. Great idea lads.


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@ftxcommando said in Personal/Custom Avatars:

the situation above is arbitrary and shouldn’t have happened. Because it’s really just NOC deciding based on his personal vibes that day what is worth a personal avatar.

That's a pretty good description of what happened.

There is a thread in the promo-public channel on discord now that discusses avatar rules. All input is welcome.

I don’t think so. I put equivalent if not more fault on the Board for making a terrible ruling to save themselves a little bit of duress which in turn put NOC in a totally losing situation where he tried to give some sort of compensation. Only problem on NOC’s end was not working out the details.

Little bit of a false dichotomy going on with this “net good vs net evil” when the whole situation exists because a ledger of reserved, illiquid funds is too much work for those few players. It’s really more like the needs of those few players isn’t worth a single hour a week of time of like 1 of 7 different Board members, which is a big deal for NOC’s position.

The total unpaid tournament winnings are $150 to ZLO, $75 to Espi and Lunyshko, $30 to Robogear? Or who else did not get money?

malding so hard rn, i want pixels next to my name too

profile picture credits to petric

With the help of Spikey I have compiled a table of all 201 current avatars. The categories are my personal best guess and aren't meant to be taken as fact, since they aren't formally categorized in any way.

Post cut in half because of character limit

Tournament Contributor Personal Other
1 TMM Gold Champion 1 FAF Donator Looking Down ACU sniper
2 TMM Gold Champion 2 Moderator Pizza ! Seraphim
3 TMM Silver Champion 1 I'm a FAF caster Sin.. Cybran
4 TMM Silver Champion 2 Mod Author Grrrrr ! Aeon
5 IMBA Cup Champion Map Author Voodoo personal avatar UEF
6 IMBA Cup Finalist Tournament Director Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Unive Brackman
7 King of Open Palms Galactic War Donator The Boot Cool Princess
8 Prince Of Open Palms Personal Trainer Masters Of The Universe Liberate !
9 Tournament winner Theme Creator I'm watching you! Cleanse !
10 King of Seraphim FAF Wiki Editor The Voice of Reason Unite !
11 Blitz Champion I'm a FAF streamer Fluffy Tails Destroy !
12 2vs2 Tournament Champion Stack Wizard speed2's avatar Strategic Genius
13 King of UEF Trainer Team Lead LTT Son of Shagrat
14 Tournament Champion Balance Team Lead Phoenix President Riley
15 King of Cybran Game Team Lead Espiranto Personal Compensation Cool Seth-Iavow
16 LABwars Champion Creative Team Lead Cool Brackman
17 King of Setons Clutch Moderation Team Lead Cool Clarke
18 Tournament Participant Community Manager Son of Shagrat xmas
19 Winner of Hearts Promotions Team Lead Happy Holidays !
20 King of Aeon DevOps Team Lead Princess Rhianne Burke
21 Nomads Tournament Champion Game Code Tester Core for ever!
22 Clan War Challenger FAF Moderator Cool Riley
23 Clan War Champion FAF Developer Dostya
24 The Galaxy Cup Champion ICE Tester Rhiza
25 2V2 WWPC U3400 Champion M like moderator Zan-Aishahesh
26 Prime Commander Finalist FAF Discord Administrator Seth-Iavow
27 Survival Champion Grand Sculptor Ladder Warrior
28 Average Joes Champion Tournament Donator Kael
29 Prince of Aeon Patreon Donator Ultimate Assimilator
30 Prince of Cybran Content Creator I'm a special snowflake!
31 Holy Trinity Winner Patreon T3 I'm special
32 Prince of Seraphim Patreon T4 Nomads
33 Eco Emperor Campaign Team Lead Vendetta
34 3v3 Spring Champion Moderator (2023) Galactic Conqueror
35 Minons and Legends winner Moderator (2023) red Puppetmaster
36 2v2 Fixed In Equilibrium FAF Live Team Nomads
37 3v3 Summer Champion BalanceTeam ARM
38 3v3 Trident Of Power CreativeTeam CORE
39 LotS Qualifier Champion GameDevTeam Ladder Knight
40 Heart of Black Champion DevOpsTeam Warrior of TMM
Tournament Contributor Personal Other
41 King of Astrocrater CampaignTeam Veteran of TMM
42 Rebalance Tournament Champion MatchmakingTeam King of TMM
43 2v2 Masters Cup TournamentTeam Clairvoyant
44 Bronze Musketeer ModerationTeam King of Silver
45 Silver Musketeer PromoTeam King of Gold
46 Golden Musketeer TrainerTeam King of Diamond
47 FAF 2019 Champion Ladder Autumn Gold
48 Coffin Tourney Champion Ladder Autumn Grandmaster
49 Summer Invitational Champion Ladder Autumn Master
50 Summer Invitational Finalist Ladder Summer Grandmaster
51 Summer Invitational Qualifier Champion Ladder Summer Master
52 King of Dual Gap Ladder Summer Diamond
53 Nomads Winner Ladder Summer Gold
54 Fall Invitational Qualifier Winner CaveDog
55 Fall Invitational Champion Veteran FAFer
56 MapGen Tourney Winner PrinceOfTMM
57 Rainbow Cup III Champion Nightmare
58 The Darkest Heart
59 Spring Invitational Qualifier Champion
60 Spring Invitational Champion
61 Computer Cup Champion
62 FAF Champion 2021
63 2nd Place Legend of the Stars 2021
64 3rd Place Legend of the Stars 2021
65 4th Place Legend of the Stars 2021
66 RC IV Champion
67 Seton's champion
68 Seton's fighter
69 cringe tournament winner
70 Mario Brother
71 Luigi Brother
72 Cringe Tournament III Champion
73 Rainbow Cup V Champion
74 FAF World Champion 2022
75 2nd Place Legend of the Stars 2022
76 3rd Place Legend of the Stars 2022
77 4th Place Legend of the Stars 2022
78 Rainbow Cup VI Champion
79 FAFbetaTourney
80 LOTS 2023 1st
81 LOTS 2023 2nd
82 LOTS 2023 3rd
83 LOTS 2023 4th

Of these 201 avatars there are 35 which are currently not assigned to anybody.

uh guys, who took nightmare away from me and kept it in the vault

The embodiment of depression...

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uh guys, who took nightmare away from me and kept it in the vault

Discussed in pms, almost certainly because of the avatar deletion bug

Guys deribus is a good guy. Please be nicer to him.

The embodiment of depression...

Um there is more than 201. Considering when I login to mod client and look there is around 400+

I retract this guessing the avatar bug wiped half of them.

So originally 442 were there, now some are missing

This post is deleted!

The avatar ID increments every time an avatar is uploaded. Yes, the highest avatar ID reached is 442, but that includes avatars that were reuploaded, changed, removed for other reasons, etc. This does not mean that more than half of all avatars have been wiped by the bug.

If there are avatars in this list that I or others have a right to. Is there someone I can appeal to?