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RE: Make the "Draw Bug" a Bannable Offense

In a lot of situations, you actually need to ctrl+K to actually get the draw (e.g. your opponent is <2500hp, but has shift g'd units around your acu and is about to walk out of range), so until the issue is fixed, the best temporary solution is to just pause and ask for/accept a draw in every draw situation.

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RE: Forged Alliance CD Version

@weegogs said in Forged Alliance CD Version:

i have forged alliance from a cd-key in steam but when i try to link my account to faforever it can't find it

make sure that your account it public with means that anyone can see what games you have, after you finished linking account you can hide game list again

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RE: Make the "Draw Bug" a Bannable Offense

@blackyps I'm happy to personally handle all draw bug reports. I doubt there would be that many, and the work required to review them would be small compared to the average report. Plus making draw bug a bannable offensive is likely to reduce the number of people who exploit it regularly.

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RE: FAF Campaigns

Might want to rename the coop tab to campaign. It can be done solo anyway

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RE: Proposal: Cybran ACU upgrades

@turinturambar said in Proposal: Cybran ACU upgrades:

One risk I see in giving cybran a significantly better rambo ACU is the synergy with corsairs. It can lead to situations where the opponent, to stop the cybran ACU+army, has to use his own ACU. After a bit of ACU on ACU fighting there is allways the thread of cybran going full corsair and snipeing the opponent 6-7k hp com, which ironically might become most obnoxious in cyb vs cyb.

Do we see the same thing happen with Aeon and Mercies? Why are Corsairs different?

Not intended to be a rhetorical question, I legitimately don't play at a high enough level to know whether this happens for Aeon or not.

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RE: Astro FAF Version (Player Input Required)

Is any retexturing planned? I think such a popular map being so aesthetically blank sets a bad precedent

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RE: Make the "Draw Bug" a Bannable Offense

@arma473 said in Make the "Draw Bug" a Bannable Offense:

Should I pause the game once your ACU drops to 2477 health and ask if you will agree to a draw through the diplomacy menu, and if not, then I'm allowed to ctrl-k on your ACU? If you think someone is going to ctrl-k on you, why don't you just pause the game and offer a draw before you go under 2500?

Yes, player who will ctrl-k should pause the game and ask for a draw.

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