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RE: Fix blazes so you can disengage them.

on the video it just hit factory twice....but yea it does have this wobbly behavior just like other hover units like aurora, ztsuee, riptide...
each time you give it order it will wiggle around once before moving. There once was fix ready for aurora and whoever was responsible for that decided against that cause it drasticly changes that unit.

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RE: 2021 Fall Invitational Group Stage

Congrats to Tagada, Espiranto-, Adjux, Nexus, Turin, Paralon, and ZLO for advancing to the playoffs next week! There were some pretty incredible upsets including Turin winning Group C 3-0 and Adjux taking a series off Nexus 2-0 to win Group B!

Thanks to my co-host farms for casting with me of We reached 159 peak viewers and 116 average viewers, a record for a Seasonal Group Stage stream!

Thanks to my great Tournament Directors HintHunter and f1lthycasual, this event wouldn't have been possible without you!

And thank you to all the other players, donators, and viewers who made this tournament possible.

Players advancing to the playoffs please send me your map submission ASAP! I have only received it from Paralon so far, if you sent it via FAF I may not have received it due to the token logout bug, please send it via discord.

There were two issues that cropped up during the tournament that I need to address.

First, Jagged and Blackheart both appear to have forfeited vs each other. As TD I'm going to rule that because of this they tied for 4th place in their group. The prize money that would've gone to 3rd place will be redistributed to higher prizes.

Second, archsimkat and TURBO2 both perfectly tied for 2nd place in Group D. There are two tiebreaker ways to settle this, total win-loss: where archsimkat would advance and seed position: where turbo would advance. Neither method is specified in the tournament rules, so it doesn't seem fair for me to rule by fiat one way or the other. To resolve this, I have asked both of the players to play a BO1 to determine 2nd vs 3rd place in Group D in the next two days, expect updates to follow.

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RE: 2021 Fall Invitational Group Stage

What, you dont want a group with BH tagada and espi?

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RE: I hate FAF

just save your gameprefs somewhere,takes like 10 seconds

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RE: $735 2021 Fall Invitational

Nice, looks like as a member of group D I am in solid contention for the Wooden Spoon Award.

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RE: $735 2021 Fall Invitational

Thanks 😄 Although, because there's 4 $.01 prizes, I'm only going to pay out the $.01 prizes if the player has a US-based or other no fee paypal.

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