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RE: FAF Leaderboards 4.0!

My winrate has consistently gotten worse as I've gotten better at the game

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RE: Make Jesters Cost Less Mass

Cheaper Jesters with less HP will be easier to counter so it might balance out the Comm sniping potential.

Not sure if you are aware but that's exactly what happened to them in a previous patch:

Mass cost: 200 → 170
Energy cost: 5000 → 4250
Build time: 1000 → 850
Health: 525 → 350
MaxSpeed: 12 → 9
Damage: 16 → 15

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RE: Make Jesters Cost Less Mass

Just look at the frequency with which pros use jesters compared to the frequency with which they use cybran T1 bombers

It would not be desirable for cybran t1 gunships to be used more than cybran t1 bombers - it is a faction specific unit so it should be more niche.

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RE: Subtle Strategic Icons [UI]

This is really nice, I think it's very well done. Have you edited the priority order that the icons appear in?

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RE: Make Jesters Cost Less Mass

If you've actually used T1 bombers before you will know it basically takes all of your APM to have a single T1 bomber fire every 5 seconds on a moving target. I don't think I have ever seen anyone hoverbomb with multiple T1 bombers so they fire once every 5 seconds, which likely means that that is practically impossible.

Asking for a DPS increase for the jester based on the hypothetical maximum DPS of a T1 bomber means you're either intentionally cherrypicking fallacious stats or you've just completely forgotten how bombers fundamentally work.

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RE: Weird targeting behavior

To try and comply to the feedback I hear in bits and pieces we are reverting the majority of the changes, allowing all direct fire weapons to recheck their targets as usual. That is essentially any weapon with a low arc. See also:

With that, this topic can be closed.

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RE: Weird targeting behavior

Do we really want to keep this behavior?

We're all here to make FAF better, we all have a say in it. If we deem that this is not worth the performance then we (partially) revert these changes again. Which again - is fine by me.

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RE: It's not a wiki if people can't edit it

If you can stop random people registering for FAF, then entering the forums to post random generic text just to sneak their advert links into our page, then, well then we might open up the wiki for everybody again.

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RE: Game version 3738

They appear to be more expensive than other gunships, but they do not cause stutters. We'll see what we can do about them 👍

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