No Veterancy Coalition

Here, the members of the No Veterancy Coalition constantly nod to each other while stating how veterancy is bad for games like this and totally ignore all these "veterancy is skill" players.

I will start.

  • Veterancy HP increase is too hard to remember and it screws up fights by seemingly randomly healing units. And, because you never see the veterancy of your enemy's units, you never know if a unit survives a close call.
  • It ruins immersion and adds unnecessary computation. Ever saw a robot getting a promotion by instantly increasing its HP for killing other robots?

Everyone nods and claps.

Yeah, remove veterancy from the game please. And remove fuel too.

Vet already got nerfed long ago. It also got based on mass value killed instead of # of units killed.

You can see what the max hp of enemy unit is and you can see what it kills.

This post is deleted!

Veterancy was added to the game in order to discourage people from spamming t1 units

It has no proper purpose now

Remove all veterancy bonuses for all units except ACU please. And remove ACU hp gain for veterancy. ACU should get additional max hp but it's current HP value should stay the same. For an ACU that is in a fight, it would only get a little bit more regen rate. So getting a level of veterancy wouldn't completely change a fight situation.

just remove gun upgrade from acus while ur at it

Veterancy adds greater depth and makes games more interesting. There have been plenty of entertaining moments both in games and watching casts where for example an ACU is about to die and gets a sudden rank of veterancy allowing it to just escape a kill. It also gives a spotlight to units that have a massive effect for their cost (e.g. units that reach 5 stars).

However Ive no issue with allowing a unit's mass kills and veterancy progress being visible to all players (if it was possible)

Vet for t1-2 units is awesome and let's you see hero tanks.

Lore wise it doesn't make sense

Leave it in. Serves a purpose.
Fuel too. All gucci

I've never had veterancy matter much except for commanders and experimentals, SACUs to an extent. I also like that air does better with support fields, it makes air play a little more complex.

If you do remove veterancy then please add a healing building that will heal my land and naval units. We should be rewarded for trying to keep units alive on 1 hp.