Removing A Pink

The purpose of this thread is to gather community feedback to determine whether or not to remove a 'pink'. So, feel free to chime in and or upvote posts you agree with in this thread.

I think 1 of the 2 'pinks' should be removed from FAF's list of normally playable colors. These colors are too similar to each other, and other colors can be added to the list instead.


The top color is ff88ff and is labelled pink.
The bottom color is ff32ff and is labelled new fuschia.

These colors are very similar. They have a mild difference in green and saturation, and otherwise have identical values.

(Personally, I'd prefer to remove new fuschia over pink, as I think new fuschia is harder on the eyes because it has a higher saturation of a very bright pink.)



In-game, it is often hard to tell which units belong to pink vs new fuschia without zooming in or spending time on that that you don't have to spend with less similar colors.


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I don't see why we need to remove this colour. I've had no issues telling them apart

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As rowey said, there is clear distinction between the 2 so I don't see why you would remove them. I also never had trouble telling them apart.

Remove? How about we add some more!


Never had a problem telling them apart myself, also they are my favorite colors.

I would argue the same could be done for the two reds.

As everyone else said, I agree that we shouldn't remove the pinks. It's easy to tell light pink and Dark Pink.

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@speed2 How about we don't? The primary objective should be to make the game readable for players and casters, and having Gyle try to figure out which pink is on which team is the absolute worst decision we could make. We should 1) determine the target amount of colors based on what the maximum number of players in a game should be (e.g. 16) and then pick the colors such that the difference between every color is maximized. With that said, I think the colors are just about fine the way they are, and the focus should be just on improving them slightly (e.g. the current dark violet should have white as a secondary color, not black, to maximize contrast).

I think you missed the /sarcasme that is part of the post of speed2 πŸ™‚ .

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The true solution is having people stop calling fuchsia pink since it's a purple (fite me).

What do you mean there are other purple colors in the game??

@jip said in Removing A Pink:

I think you missed the /sarcasme that is part of the post of speed2 πŸ™‚ .

He responded to sarcasm but it’s still a pertinent point to the OP

Actually I thought this was about more than two pinks lol so nvm

These colors can be distinguished without issues, don't see a need to remove.

@giebmasse said in Removing A Pink:

These colors can be distinguished without issues, don't see a need to remove.

These are no barrier-free colors.
I am red/green color blind and those colors look absolutyl the same.
So at least i have issues and i see the need for remove.

Maybe to combat this it would be more useful to make sure the ally/enemy color option is distinguishable for the color blind folks rather than try to fit in 20 colours here?

@uveso with that logic we should remove all colors from the game, because there will always be someone out there who is color blind to one of the colors in the game. The better fix would to implement a UI mod that allows people to customize the colors for themselves in game.

That defeats the whole purpose of colors as a tool of identification, it isn't a solution to anything.

Regarding color blindness/color differentiation/etc, it's good to have colors that have differences in several ways (ie: red value, blue value, green value, hue, saturation, brightness), rather than just 1 or 2. That was one of the things I was focusing on with my suggestions for color changes. The only differences with these two pinks is in green value and saturation IIRC.

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Yes being barrier free is sometimes unpleasant for normal people.

So the only question is whether we want to at least try to achieve high accessibility or not.

So do we care about handicapped people or not?

I'd only be interested in seeing one of these colors removed when given an enticing alternative color to replace it.

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u

Nobody better fucking touch my pink, that shit stays.