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RE: Suggestion for mapgen: clearer distinction between rotational vs mirror symmetry?

We could add new fields to the scenario info and make them query-able in-game.

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RE: How to change the player names through a mod

I've also looked into this, to allow players to play the game without knowing who they're playing with or against. But I'm afraid that certain parts of the UI are hardcoded as you found out yourself too. The game option will likely be removed again, as it may need to be enforced in the lobby instead.

I do not have the time at this moment to investigate it further, but feel free to create a development environment and toy around, see what the behavior is.

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RE: What happened to pathfinding?

@Reckless_Charger See also: We'll adjust the path finding behavior for the Blaze and the Zthuee.

Thank you @ZLO for shining a light on a possible solution.

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RE: Control Group Zoom mod

This has been integrated a while back:


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RE: What happened to pathfinding?

@zlo said in What happened to pathfinding?:

Hover unit thing is not a bug, currently it is a feature.
it has been this way all the time
and afaik fix is easy. just turn every hover unit into t2 sera hovertank
Tests were done and people who worked on it didn't like it so it was never fixed

As far as I know it is because of the blueprint field SlavedToBody being true. This field is essential for how the Aurora, Blaze and the Zthuee aim as their weapons are not turrets, but instead attached to the body of the unit.


Unless you know details that I don't 🙂 , I'd love to know them.

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