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RE: Can I download an older version of FAF?

that should not be an issue as I know people who are still on v 1.5 of the far client and don't update unless they are forced to.

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RE: wiki and accessibility of faf

as jip said we are working on a new wiki behind the sense at the moment if you are interested in helping out on the new wiki drop us a msg on discord on what you want to help out with and can see what we can do. the new wiki is currently not live as we are updating a creating new pages.

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RE: How do you survive Mavor fire right now?

As Druark said, you should either aim to snipe the Mavor (30 strats should suffice)


manually activate and deactivate shields, you'll probably want Seraphim t3 shields all over the place lol

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RE: DDDX RPG survival (map and mod)

@DDDX Do you have a 145x97 image I could use for the NewsHub for a Post on this for you so others know about it?

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RE: My game crashing when i drag select units

@kdrafa91 Personal experience, I think it's the mods. I've been playing with barely any mods (no UI party or notifications) and havent had a single issue. Please post logs and be patient ❤ Thanks!

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RE: 15x15 Maps for Mapgen

@sheikah I agree that mapgen sometimes can have patterns when it's teamgames and it makes perfect sense for it to do so so it's playable.

but what about if you add an option to make it more volatile even if its "unplayable"? I think it would be fun playing on maps that are truly "random"

just my two cents, the current mapgen is godlike on 1v1, I think it's the biggest update in my FAF history.

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RE: Outsourcing new CPU scores for lobbies

Ryzen 3950X
Gigabyte Aorus Master X570
32Gb DDR4 at 3000Mhz 16-17-17-35-52

CPU Score old

CPU Score New

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RE: **Platinum question**

@ftxcommando I'm already getting PTSD thinking about tanks trying to access a repair station lol.

I think land units are more expendable than air so it's normal for them to not be repaired / re-fueled.

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RE: Downsides of the Advanced Strategic Icons mod

I would recommend the mod to every new player. The game is unreadable / very exhausting without easy to see icons. Does a new player need to know the difference between a comp with 1 pillar or moongoose? I think we should make the game as nice as possible for them.

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RE: The Settling Scores Tournament ($160 total prizepool, 1v1)

I would pay to see Aurico and Grimplex to see if the master has surpassed the student.

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