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Are you lonely? Then this is what you need

!!! Can be paused on click

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The question is, can you personalize it?

@randomwheelchair said in Personal UI Waifu [UI]:

The question is, can you personalize it?

You need to upload a gif animation in the form of frames with a certain pattern

then go to \Mods\Personal UI Waifu\waifu.core\personal_ui_waifu.lua
you can find main logic of loading by using this t[i] = framesPath..i..".png" in search

local framesPath = '/mods/Personal UI Waifu/girl/girl-'
	controls.waifu = Bitmap(controls.displayGroup, (function()
		local t = {}
		for i = 1, 20 do
			t[i] = framesPath..i..".png"
		return t

as you can see 20 is a final frame of gif, so just change it to your last frame and done

P.S. You can call the frames as you want, but it is better to use the ready made one pattern

@Brutus5000 See this is why the forum needs a dislike button

This is the best mod ever

The embodiment of depression...

This is a pretty cool functionality considering you can change it to whatever gif you want

Is there a size limit? Can you scale the window in game?

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u

@zeldafanboy no size limit, but heavy animation will take some time to load and it will stuck for a while your game setup. Smooth depends on your pc hardware. Scale... it will scale only on resize.

Version: 2


  • code cleanup
  • added minimum size (150x200)
  • added tooltip with current animation state
  • fixed depth of window (now it is higher than minimap window)
  • fixed position saving on screen
  • fixed frame depth (now you can see shadows inside of borders


@deribus said in Personal UI Waifu [UI]:

@Brutus5000 See this is why the forum needs a dislike button

Someone make a 20-frame png animation of Deribus scowling and shaking his finger at you, then you can bring Deribus with you in all your games

If the waifu responds to ACU deaths with some dramatic uwu sounds, tells me I am a good senpai for a win and an over acting voice for a lost game, then I will lose my mind.

@Eternal all of that is possible code-wise 🙂

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@jip i know xD i think i can even make it alive with some animation conditions.

@eternal could it be possible to add voice lines with stuff like T2 HQ finished, ACU death or mass overflow?

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@femboy she can moan every moment you kill unit

@eternal Dudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I could hire a female VA and we could get some sick stuff going on if you can program the voice lines lol

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Hey, what controls the frame rate/ speed of the animation ?
I replaced the gif by a 34 frames one, but it goes a bit to fast for my liking.

@auriko I think you would have to change it in code

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