Need UI Mod? Let me know


Non-Competitive UI mod ideas:

  1. Mod to command units to fan out for reclaim or dispersing units under air attack.

  2. Mod to build queueing fill a space (e.g. ALT-SHIFT-LEFTCLICK drag diagonal)

  3. Mod for replays to show a strategic overlay estimate of the lines of each team or players troops, a strategic overlay used during REPLAYS when zoomed all the way out.


@dragun101 said in Need UI Mod? Let me know:

So in past few months, I have made when requested by friends made UI mods for them. You can see result of that on the vault (Idle Engi Hotkeys and HotKeys Keys. Also some additional target priorities for some people. Through sacrifice hotkey I made for myself).

And with HotKeys Keys. I decided when not working on SCTA I’ll be working on UI mods as requested. A few being on theory level right now. Through be note:

  1. Will not make Cheat Mods, goes without saying but don’t request

  2. I will do this in my free time. And do note I expect if you request something, as Farms can vouch (and Se7ven) expect semi-regular PM’s as I confirm everything works in intended. While I do extensive testing before I send it out sometimes users has other things intended I didn’t think about

  3. Any Mod I make that isn’t meant to be an extenxsion or implied functionality like additional targeting priorities. I will be uploading to the vault.

My experience Code/UI side is mostly learn from UI side working on SCTA/Adding Basic Hotkeys.

If you want help. Please shoot me a PM on discord Dragun101. I’ll try and get requests finished within 48 hours but no promises.

I'm not requesting a cheat mod but I would like to know what you mean by a ui mod that enables the player to cheat??


easy dodge smd/tmd

When you click "launch tml/nuke button" you see circle around enemies tmd/smd which shows protect zone.And a line which starts from your tml/nuke ends where cursor is. When you cross tmd/smd cursor it is red othervise green

I hope i managed to explain the idea.People do same thing but in a longer way.Click a t3 engineer then mark the range of smd etc...

It will be easier now


Not necessarily a mod, but if anyone could point me in the right direction as to which LUA file controls the size of the F11 network stats console. not the connection/eject screen, but the console in upper right corner that shows Data/behind/etc.

its incredibly tiny on 1440 resolution, and the only lua file i find controls the eject window. I can edit it myself, if only i knew where to look. Or perhaps that console window is not editable by any lua file?

i've gotten just about everything else in my mods modified to scale correctly over the default 100 percent, but this is the last thing.



A mod that disables hives by default so they do not assist automatically other stuff.



The debug stats and network window are coded in the c-engine.
It's not LUA and you can't change it.


A mod that highlights in red when you've selected a T1/T2/T3 point defence to be built in it's range radius, if it won't be able to hit a T1 tank in that area .
If not possible, then instead a mod that higlights terrain height changes

I.e. the aim is to minimise the risks of placing a T2 point defence and then finding it can't hit units in its range because of terrain changes that aren't apparent when zoomed out


A mod that makes a second screen useful. I've tried playing with two screens, but I ended up only looking on the main one.

What could be useful is having some eco analyses on the second one. For example a list of where all the recourses are going.
Amount of t1, t2, t3 mexes. Whatever you think of 🙂


@h-master Check out "Supreme Economy" sir.


@h-master The only useful thing I've found for the second screen is to treat it as a giant mini-map and I glance at it sometimes when I want to be aware of the map, like if I'm zoomed in to micro something, I might look at the second monitor. Maybe 0.1% of the time that I'm playing I'm looking at the second monitor.

One of the things web browsers used to have (maybe they still do) were "widgets." It was like a generic interface that anyone could use to make little things to put on the screen that would do stuff like tell you the weather or be a calculator. If someone made a "widget" interface for FAF, it would be easier to create little apps you could put onto a second monitor that could give the kind of info H-master is talking about.

The "UI-Party" mod I use has info about things like the number of mexes (not just T1, T2, T3, but the number that are upgrading or paused-upgrading). But it would be pretty cool if we could widgetize that information and then click and drag to move the "widgets" around. Then people could decide what info they wanted to have access to and where they wanted to put it on their screen. Or even multiple "tabs" and you could put different widgets on different tabs, so I could open an "energy management" thing that would give info about my energy use. Or something about mass utilization so I could see what % of my mass is going into land units, air units, navy, making economy buildings like pgens or upgrading mexes, loading TML/SML/SMD, etc.

Then people with potato PCs could REAAAALLY lag seton's even more effectively than they already do.