What is your CPU and CPU rating?

Hello. I recently retested my CPU benchmark test and got a score of 309. Yikes! no wonder my games have been slow. It's time for an upgrade.

I am wondering what CPUs and CPU scores you all have? for reference as i browse for a new computer.

Doing an online comparison of the CPU for a mid range pc i have in mind compared to my high end 2012 gaming pc (AMD Ryzen 5 5600 vs Intel Core i7 3770K) the website tells me it's only an effective speed increase of 25%! That seems low for ten years. Is this really going to be enough to get my CPU rating below 200?

I3-330m 6gb 320-346
I5 560m 6gh 290
I5 8250u 8gb 171
7 6800H 16gb 123

This will be an excellent guide https://www.cpubenchmark.net/singleThread.html

I have an i5-11600KF and a cpu score of 109

PC at work:
i5 6500 (3.2 ghz)
8 gb DDR4-2133 (15-15-15-36 CR2) single channel
173 cpu score

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R5 5600 - 105 cpu score.
And no, that site is bullshit. Just watch Gamer nexus or hardware unboxed to see some proper benchmarks.

Ryzen7 5800X / 32GB = 100 cpu score

i5 12600k - 83

3700X - Tad over 120
5800X3D - 95

There is also a previous thread full of CPU scores and CPU's if you search.

i7 13700KF - 72

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3770k Over clocked to 4.5 ghz. 133. air cooling.