What happened with the latest update?

Anyone else seeing the game performance getting really with the latest update? I've been playing since the original SupCom beta was available, sure seems over time a lot of the little tweaks have caused the game to slow down. While the latest update May 2022, this update has really made the game unplayable in the later parts fo the game. Playing a 3v3, when i was up around 900 units, i couldn't place a build template where desired simply because the game was so unresponsive. I've never seen this before and always have seen my machine very responsive. Nothing on my machine has changed since i've built it. I run a web site, and a few services, some are a bit involved but that longest request may take 8ms for the worst while most (90%) are 2ms or less. Ya i'm a dev and track this stuff... Generally there isn't a lot of traffic, just more for personal learning.

As for my machine specs, 5950x 128GB ram, and fiber for internet.

There is this problem, would suggest kind of related to this, seems a few months back did see someone asking in chat about "Anyone else seeing units not fire at enemy units?" Had never seen it but not it seems to happen way too much now... Remember having a GC kind of standing sentry on one side of the map, think it was 10 or 15 T3 ground bots attacked it, the GC never until i noticed it and started manually targeting the t3 bots. The GC was able to take out a few but lost the GC anyway. Sure seems something has been done to change the games internal prioritization of events it seems.

Ive been having some crazy laggy games aswell. Any insight @Jip?

@spikeynoob Thank for confirming. I'm thinking part of it is the addition overhead for the auto toggle for the mass generators if the power drops below a certain value...

Completely agree it is a wild ass guess, but that would be the first thing i've seen from the release notes that might easily explain it... Sounds like a nice enhancement but at the code of making the game unplayable, well...

Seems to me like the fabs was done in a way where jip would have seen if it causes speed drops. But idk

I haven’t noticed any in game optimization problems (and ostensibly all the updates jip has made are to increase performance) but I have noticed more network instability and host timeouts, and the client is buggier when displaying games.

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u

Do you have any replays where this happened or just anecdotes?

@femtozetta Most every game i play now. And for the most part as vanillas as it can be, not mods.

OP, with respect, vague anecdotes are not a starting point for troubleshooting. It's not that we doubt you believe what you are saying but help us help you... give some games numbers and timestamps y'know?

Even if it's most of the games it would be great if you could provide replay ID's for games that in your opinion were running way to slow than they should. So that we can have a go at them ourselves.

@e33144211332424 For a game replay..


The issue is fixed on FAF Develop. We're releasing it in the next few days. I can only recommend you to play on FAF Develop for now.

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@zoodoo4u said in What happened with the latest update?:

@e33144211332424 For a game replay..


Checked your replay - the cause of the slow down is fixed on FAF Develop.

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FAF Develop was pushed - everything should be good now.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

Thanks for the info @Jip

Actually, the game feels really sloooooooooooooooow these days. I've played supcom from the pre-released betas before being shipped. I have a copy on a much slower machine (intel 6700K) , with the original Supcom/FA and play skirmishes on it from time to time. That game plays way much faster then the heavily modded version from FAF on a 5950x w/128GB ram and a rtx 3080. Sorry just get use to the speed of units moving on that unmodified game. Well i guess a 10 year old 6700K CPU should be faster as it is a 6700 which is greater than 5950. Interesting when checking the game speed vai ren_shownetworkstatus something is wrong. Can easily see units on my 5950 moving so slow when comparing the two machines... Checking the game speed on my 5950x sure i see that game is at +10, but honestly the units are moving about 75% of the +10 on my 6700k. Sure feels like the old built in 500ms delay was increased to 750ms and causing the game to be much slower...

Make a video comparison. Besides running ren_ShowNetworkStats make sure to also run ShowStats and open up the entity count (that shows the number of units, projectiles and other entities) and the heap (shows memory allocations). Make sure to close the leaderboard, that makes it easier to read. As an example of the data we need:


I'd love to see the difference you describe. Because if that is the case, then we still have some places to go for FAF, and that is exciting news.

Sure feels like the old built in 500ms delay was increased to 750ms and causing the game to be much slower...

Type in net_Lag and note the value at the center / bottom of the screen. It is 500.000 when I type it, and that is 500ms 🙂 .

edit: and make sure to show the hardware you're running the game with. It should be the same hardware for both runs.

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@ZooDoo4U Make sure you are not using the old nvidia driver with the lag issue.
Also with 5950x make sure you have docp/xmp turned on and also precision boost overdrive.

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If the sim is running +10/+10 it's not the game slowing down, it's your computer