Overcharging under water

I was wondering how it would impact the game if overcharge was enabled for submerged acu's and sacu's. This is not a suggestion to implement for a balance change, but rather a thought experiment discussion.

It could make defending naval facs easier early game, for better or worse.

overcharge with less damage

@chenbro101 would definitely make ACU much more relevant on water maps. Obviously would need to be seriously nerfed. Don’t want ACU to just OC a destroyer with 3-4 storages or something.

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Another nerf to cybran. Look how they massacred my boi 😞

Didn't the UEF commander shoot at an aircraft in the original SupCom intro cinematic?

Yes, but supcom has never been a shoot all

@femboy I would argue that destroyers with a torp range of 45 could simply stay out of range. Remember a com is slow and compared to navy has very short range, even with gun.

I guess it would make delaying naval production more feasible. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing. But without some kind of range upgrade, it doesn't help a lot.

Navy gameplay has ~two~ three problems in my opinion:

  • Early raids on naval production can be devastating, or can be a massive waste. More generally, once naval production is destroyed the navy game is usually permanently won/lost.
  • On quite a few navy maps, there isn't a lot of raiding possible with T1 navy.
  • Navy-vs-air and navy-vs-land balance is weird, but these are different topics.

Combined together, these make the choice of how much to eco before getting navy production started a big gamble (depending heavily on the map). For land this is usually less true since there are more options for doing eco damage via raids and the ACU can defend production better.

Giving ACUs more power vs T1 navy would probably help with this significantly, though maps still play a big role (distance, raiding opportunities, beaches giving access to the water).

It can catch players off guard, but after that your ACU is extremely vulnerable. A risky play, doesn't sound that bad to me.

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