Humans can use factory attack move but AI's can't?

So, it seems that AI's don't get to use the cheaty bug feature of factory attack move. Perhaps someone should come up with a way for AI's to abuse use it too, or perhaps it should be removed. Thoughts?

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ahem factory attack move is the only thing that makes setons interesting so no...

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I’ve a slight preference for it being removed as it feels like a bug and is unintuitive from a player perspective (particularly for new players), but I dont care much either way. From an AI perspective while it’s one of the things humans can do that AI can’t, it’s not a big issue as AI are better off manually reclaiming.

How about an emphatic hell no to it being removed.

Idc if AIs start using it, didn’t even know they currently weren’t but sounds like it might not make much difference for them?

i heard grimplex gives great lessons on factory attack move

The discussion on whether to remove FAM (and if so, what other changes we should make if we do that so people don't suddenly have a much harder time getting reclaim) is one that has already been had. "AI can't do FAM" is not a good reason to re-open the discussion.

If we're going to go down that road again, I would say: allow engineers to reclaim while they move; allow engineers to move over trees without breaking them; allow engineers to reclaim small things with as much MPS (mass per second) as reclaiming big things, such as by eliminating time delay between scooping multiple small things. All of that could help to allow "engineers on patrol" to be almost as effective at collecting mass as FAM engineers are now. If we get rid of FAM and we don't make changes like that, then manual reclaim would be too valuable and it would suck up lots of APM.

Deciding between "do I take 15 seconds to queue up manual reclaim paths for 3 different engineers, and maybe I get hit with bombers while I'm distracted, or do I zoom out and look at the big picture while my engineers are super-inefficient at collecting mass from that battle" is not the kind of fun decision-making that makes for fun gameplay.

I see no reason to go back down this road, it has been discussed before and the conclusion has always been the same.

AI can't box select time to remove that from player's toolkit KEKW

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