WD #3 - Ridiculous Balance Ideas

Remove Cybran frigate radar and make Moles amphibious.


When units vet, they get LARGER

I’ll just leave this here

Add the Bismarck dreadnought, from the Blackops mod to the game.

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There will be weather seasons from now on.

Winter comes with snow avalanche passing throw the map. Spring smelts it and creates rivers which sweeps everything away in his way. Summer will drain rivers and seas. Autumn comes with a tornado.


the most ridiculous take of them all:

give sparky t2 build suite

(I'm an idiot and misread the prompt, so going to completely change my post. and leave the original at the bottom marked out.)

Allow the harbinger to use the sacrafice ability that all the engineers can do, with the cost of the harbinger it would make it a real strategy when you have large armies of harbs to use half of them to get a gc out quickly.

Give the Aurora a 50HP shield. I know it'll never happen but I love the idea of it the more I think of it. give it the ability to survive t1 bombers and make the faction consistent having every main battle unit feature a personal shield (obsidian and harbs being the other main battle units.)

Make the chrono dampener a chrono booster instead which increases speed and production of all units within range.

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Soulripper can pick up units and experimentals like a dropship. And also shoot other gunships.

Galaxy Class Battleship now shoots Trebuchet shells, and the Summit also shoots Demolisher shells

  • Make experimentals and select other units able to get enhancements (like coms can, but different actual enhancements)
  • Add a T3 tactical nuke plane to each faction - the plane would build them manually, be slow-moving, could target land or air (ie: to blow up ASF swarms), and the tactical nuke could be intercepted by TMD and SMD
  • Significantly increase aeon strategic bomber's weapon damage, lower its firing rate, and heavily nerf its AOE #specialization

pfp credit to gieb

Add RAS upgrade to all units, the lower the HP, the higher the production/mass cost rate.

When ctrl+k (non instantly) all units and buildings explode dealing as much as 1x-3x their max hp of damage with decent splash and leave no wreckage.

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Time to shift g in a 1000 snoops then

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Shards have their weapon changed to single, homing missile. Same stats, just vastly increased hit-chance.

Sparkies, have a small (2-5hp/sec) regen at vet 0. Not so unusual for a "Field Engineer"

remove torp def from cyran t2 sub.

none of which is particularly ridiculous, but hey.

Aircraft have limited ammo and need to rearm at air staging.

(I'd adjust costs as well but that's against the rules)

Mass can only be stored locally. Each player no longer has a "bank" of mass (represented by the mass bar--you would permanently have a completely empty mass bar). Mass extractors leave reclaim around them. Mass needs to be gathered by engineers and brought to a factory in order to spend it at that factory (or brought to mass storage building, and buildings/engineers near the storage could feed from it)

Every player would have to establish "supply lines" in order to exploit mexes. Which would create a whole new dimension in terms of setting up logistics and for raiding your opponents. It would create incentive to put factories near mass (e.g., build a factory near reclaim field to make engineers to grab the reclaim + be a convenient place to spend the mass on new units, or build a factory next to a mex so you don't have to transfer the mass anywhere, it always gets spent immediately).

There would probably need to be new commands (e.g. assist command, ferry command, patrol command, etc.) so you can set up these supply lines. Maybe it could be done just with the "assist" command, like if you assist a mex and then assist a factory, the engineer knows it has to go back and forth between the two to deliver mass.