Is this game impossible to play with Steelseries arctis 9?

I have a Steelseries arcis 9 headset. How.....okey you know what, whatever, this is like the 15th time i tried fixing the sound over the course of 2 years, i have tried everything on every post on this forum and it still doesn't work. I loved this game but its ded...RIP

Can you not buy yourself a cheaper set of stereo headphones and use them?


This magic setting might help
(in accesability settings)

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you could also try to use something like voicemeeter to keep the steelseries driver from messing with the game itself.

Steel Series (and the software that accompanies it) is rather intrusive and the game doesn't like that. I recall there were people that managed to make it work somehow, @Strydxr was one of them I think. We should probably document it somewhere 🙂

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If someone is inspired to make a tutorial, I would appreciate that. Then I can attach that to the current solution thread and give credit to the tut-maker.

Turn off Sonar or try switching to the actual headphone output in the windows sound source before you start the game.