I am abandoning Aeon


I have spent a lot of time playing Aeon, and I think I will play some other faction.

Why I chose Aeon: Snipercom (destroyed), eye of Rhianne (not very useful in 1v1)

Why I don't want to play Aeon anymore: Weak T1, T2 land, weakest T1 bomber, constant nerfs based on I don't know what. Snipercom was the number 1 reason I played Aeon in 1v1. Because I knew that even though my tanks suck, I could apply early hard pressure. And I mostly play 1v1 nowadays, because I just can't stand teammates in this game.

Stats can be checked here: https://kazbek.github.io/FAF-Analytics/

Or just look at the screenshot: alt text

My current global is 1300. So, basically, even though I mostly play Aeon, my win rate is lower than any other faction I occasionally play. I don't currently see all data, but I hope the balance team does data-driven decision making.

Autowin t1 on some land maps, strongest t2 phase, strong(est) t3 phase, decent exps, best t2 air, best midgame ACU, best frig, second best or best navy.

Just because ppl are not able to use certain factions or units (e.g. sniperbots) doesn't mean they're unbalanced. Check the megathread-statistic post and see how often Aeon got veto'd in 1v1 pro tourney and how often they got picked if there were no vetos. Notice something?

Required rating for participation in balance talks when?

Or just look at the screenshot:

Required rating for participation in balance talks when?


so true bestie



The embodiment of depression...

Dude plays other factions in low elo where he stagnated. Discovers Aeon and skyrockets to 1300 rating where then he hits his skill ceiling for this OP broken faction. Well, turns out a faction can carry you only that high.

And then when the balance team finally begins the aeon adjustments we can see him immediately cry for he is about to lose 200 rating points for his broken cheese faction finally got brought down a little bit down to the level of others...

Yep, everything checks out.

like I get it that you guys probably get a lot of crying from players but you didn't need to do him like that LOL

@melanol I play random, NOT aeon, so expect a different perspective here.
That being said, since the gun changes, I've found that I get my best results from aeon by upgrading the fire rate on the commander first, not range.
After getting firerate, I can use the range of auroras to push into enemy formations / ACUs, and if they try to close so that their non-aeon T1 units can fight back, they get an early upgraded-commander smashing them up for their troubles.

I know it's in no way a fix for all the potential problems of the race, and while playing random aeon IS my least successful race, so I aren't contesting the opinions of far better players than myself... But I'm just stating what seems to work best for me!

They definitely feel like they work harder for the same results at a low skill level.
I can see the problem in balancing such a faction (if expert-microed aeon were better than the others, then all pros would play aeon), but there's a balance to be established, and I'd love to see faction win rates across different league levels (bronze, silver, gold, platinum, master) that ONLY reflects the most recent patch.
From what I see of the statistics megathread, only 1 pro does best with aeon, and I'm uncertain which patches it reflects.

Lets look more realisitcally at our win rates since the last balance patch:


Time to buff cybran and sera, nerf the UEF

@angelofd347h Looks like I will be playing UEF from now on


I agree that Aeon kinda sucks. I disagree with Sladow on some strengths. Aeon has the worst ACU now that Cybran has nano and sniper comm was nerfed. T2 land is the worst, T3 land is also the worst, although the GC is probably the best land XP, so that does help mitigate the land problems a lot.

T2 land is the worst

In what world is it the worst when it has hover T2 shields, hover T2 flak, obsidians that were steadily buffed to be great and blazes that were steadily buffed to be good?

T3 land is also the worst

In what world is it the worst when it has Harbingers, sniper bots and the only T3 arty that can fire on the move and shieldless Cybran T3 land exists?

guys my aeon win rate is also low that’s so crazy

@thecrimsonknight excuse me but my first comment was actually meant to explain what I meant!

Required rating for participation in balance talks when?

@mazornoob said in I am abandoning Aeon:


Hover anything matters only when there is water present on the map and its strength is based on how much water is present. Not a lot of water in 1v1

Sure. Now tell me how Aeon T2 land is weaker than Cybran when blazes + shields counter hoplites, obsidians counter rhinos and ACU vision counters stealth.


alt text

buff aeon bros…. they aren’t top 2 in everything….

Nooooooo they are only nerfing aeon nooooooo how could they do it to my beloved faction

Skill issue

Funny part is the only section in land Aeon is 4th in, they were 2nd or best in when they had their insane OP ACU

Aeon enjoyers when they have no autowin condition from min 0-40

Questions regarding the image you sent:
why uef t1 land > sera and why aeon t1 land > uef
what's "late t1 air" since it should be the same as early t1 air?

Required rating for participation in balance talks when?