This game has become too toxic

I am thinking of playing muted 1v1 and solo campaign only. And my DMs are already off.

Mods don't do anything, my last report has been in "awaiting" since the end of October, feels like Giebmasse doesn't hire mods (at least he does not reply to me why he doesn't want me to mod).

I sincerely hope AI evolves enough to replace all human players I encounter.

Dota 2 anonymous mode: No one knows your in-game name, no one can chat with you or message you, no one will send you angry DMs after the game, will try to murder you IRL, and your rating still goes down if you don't fight properly. Players in this mode aren't much distinguishable from AI, just better, for now.

I don't know man. But to me it seems like Gieb not wanting you as a mod is a rather good decision.
And no, in my experience mods do quite a good job. Sure they might be slow but nobody pays them a broken dime to moderate this community.

Anyway, GL with your future endeavours as it seems neither me nor you will ever again hear from each other.

Maybe if we wait a little bit, they'll evolve and realise the mods are volunteer's and aren't paid. Maybe.

Something something mods are volunteers.



Your report is in the queue and Moderators are aware of it.

If you get harassed via PM, you can report it and I can assure you that is being taken care of, because such personal things have high priority. You have not reported such thing.

I appreciate your suggestion about implementing an anonymous mode for matchmaking. If you are interested in contributing to the project, I welcome your input on GitHub.

The overall toxicity in FAF has decreased in recent years. Sensationalist thread titles are out of place.

If you have any further concerns about your report, please don't hesitate to contact me and I can look into it for you.

If anyone wants to change the "moderators are unpaid volunteers" thing hit me up

@deribus said in This game has become too toxic:

If anyone wants to change the "moderators are unpaid volunteers" thing hit me up

I hear there are some perma banned players who would be happy to assist you with that in exchange for a little favor…

FAF is probably one of the least toxic multiplayer games I’ve played. If you’re constantly running into toxicity then idk what to tell you.

Probably it was your choice to play in toxic lobbies

Honestly, toxicity has decreased noticeably in the last several years.

(apart from when I start to lose the plot that no one ever seems to make radar on my team argh!)

I'm quite new around here, I've played maybe 200 games in total - mostly unrated 1v1 practice games that I host. Although it's a bit of an unusual environment, I've faced players from all over the world with ratings from -100 to over 2k.
I can happily say that almost all of my games ended with a "gg" and in many cases also additional words of advice from better players after the match. The most toxic thing done to me was a first bomber 😉

The situation might be different in stressful teamgames but from my newbie perspective the community is solid.