When are we getting an in-client rating leaderboard?

It's kind of weird we have to visit the website (of which the competitive tab doesn't load) or rely on TheSetoner (which is offline half the time ) for its !ratings command to check an offline player's ratings. Leagues tell us barely anything + majority of players arent even in a league

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Make one leaderboard on the website, then put the webpage in the client. Theres insane duplication of unnecessary work to keep redesigning leaderboards over and over in a supposedly manpower limited environment.

Please explain your use case

@magge leaderboard in python client better

@eternal can’t visit Python client on mobile or send link to it 😎 why download whole client when one easy link do work?

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@bulliednoob https://www.test.faforever.com/leaderboards you are welcome.

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There was an agreement some time in the past to drive away from leaderboards and use divisions instead. But some developers don't care and thus in sind places leaderboards are there and in others they aren't...

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@brutus5000 tbh I wasn’t part of this agreement nor knew about it

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