Knowing who writes in game

Besides the Chat u can writes Notes on the map via the white cross.
Is there a possiblitity to see who that writes ?
I got insulted via that.

They are colour based. Red note is from red player, white is from FtX etc. And if there is hundreds of them then Foley is dead.

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white is from FtX etc.

Objection, I have played with plenty of people who picked the white color and weren't FtX.

they're my alts

@casternumerouno It is nearly impossible for me to interpret the color of these. It would be a real help if the color was more clear.

You could create a request at GitHub, if it isn't a big time investment, a dev could try to make it happen.

the texture file itself is in textures.scd\textures\ui\common\game\ping_marker\ but that is just for the web looking icon, the color created is simply a square. I made mine with just a simple white border so the color stands out more.

you would have to add whatever you make to something like advanced strategic icons.nxt for it to show up. For an example of mine.

note this would override that file in c:\programdata\faforever\gamedata if you are using another icon mod. If so you would need to copy that texture folder over to the existing file using a zip editor, or backup the file first if you just want to test it out.

How about this:

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

This is awesome. I can never look back.

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How about this:

That's a great fix

This is merged and available on deploy/fafdevelop

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned