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Hello everyone, I'm in need of some help with the dual gap position names because I'm making some BO videos and I think since so many people like dual gap (and its a map where BO is so necessary), I'd like if you people can pinpoint the names and responsabilities of the slots in dual gap

Also do we have somoeone established as the dual gap master? I'm thinking of looking at TruePutin BO's on each slot but since I don't play dual gap or know anything about dual gap culture, I wanted to see if someone in the community would like to give me some insight on what are the slots (do any of them have the same BO/responsability?), who are absolute beasts on dual gap (like +1.6k at least) and anything else you might want to know about dual gap as a new player coming to it. Thanks!

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  1. Top Air: typically spams t1 until bottom air gets t3, but not necessarily; in charge of getting radar, and also SMD in time before enemy Eco can destroy everyone in top
  2. (Upper) mid: goes to the upper lane in mid. Land focus, but will often start with air fac to get engies in mid in time. Playstyle depends on individual.
  3. Mid: handles the "true" mid lane, his survival often depends on Navy even if he wins his slot. Can and probably will start with air fac like the other mid player
  4. Navy: as the name says
  5. Eco: as the name says, is supposed to handle late-game and is responsible for winning (or losing) the match when it gets to that stage
  6. Bottom Air: in charge of getting t3 air faster than the enemy team and possibly win the game or cripple them with strat(s), or at the very least getting asfs out in time for enemy strats; also in charge of radar for bottom. Might give t2/t3 engies to eco/rest of team to help, but this will necessarily delay his own progression.

Variations and other strategies are always possible (t2 air spam to win, double/triple navy, eco/navy ACUs to mid.), especially when playing with friends/people you know (also see: stacked teams, a reason why most mid-to-high level games use opti).

I'll let someone else tell you about the True Masters because I wouldn't know.

One important thing to know is who gets what rocks: it's generally rude to eat rocks that don't belong to you (not to mention entirely harmful to your team on the whole), and I have seen high level players just quit minutes into the game because their rocks were being stolen/trees knocked down. If you prepare any pic with the rocks marked I'll tell who they belong to.

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@femboy BO Videos.. nice. There aren't good ones for the various slots. If you're willing to take suggestions, consider highlighting what the expectations are for each slot and some of the common alternate build options. Who owns what rocks and not destroying others trees would be good to mention as this is a common frustration higher level players have.

Maybe I should just remake this crappy map and put in the textures which mass is for who and which slot is what role. LOLOLOLOL

@femboy said in Dual Gap Slots Help!:

and anything else you might want to know about dual gap as a new player coming to it. Thanks!

  1. Don't play 1v1 on the map... if you do; you(r team) will loose in the end.

  2. Don't kill an enemy ACU unless you can get some advantage out of it. Killing an enemy mid noob only to see all his mexes go to a much rated enemy won't help you.

Thanks for the feedback everyone! I’ll try making the first video soon!

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A good approach, in my opinion, would be to gain experience in the subject matter before making any tutorials about it.