Why I am abandoning FAF

Hi, my global rating is 1000 with around 300 games in FAF. There once was a news post asking people why they leave. Here is my confession.

  1. Country flags:
    Since Russian invaded Ukraine, the game became too toxic; and we don't even need flags in the game where we have "ping" showing in the lobby. I stopped playing for a month after getting fed up, trying to get back and see if anything changed, and it did not. I also would not mind the game having proper mute functions where you can relax without listening to angry kindergarteners. Like, you know how some of the new games don't even let people talk to you by default?

  2. The game is a coding competition:
    Optional per-player UI mods are not cybersport, it's a coding competition where you can make a mod yourself and use it without anyone knowing. Good cybersport games do not allow this. Either ban all UI mods in ladder and tournaments, or allow only white-listed (I am not even sure how it works).

  3. Devs don't have access to the source code. Not the biggest issue, but it makes things overly complicated with devs unable to fix a lot of things.

See you in half a year or never. I am going back to SC1 and SC2. Don't expect me to read your comments or reply. All hopes for Sanctuary.

Cool story bro

Ui mods > skill, change my mind kappa

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My UI Mods

What a great post from a global moderator, seems fitting, really show the community spirit.

  1. People use your ping to guess your location so they can be toxic to you? ehhh? if you are using VPN to hide your flag it will affect your ping too afaik, ping being displayed in the lobby or ingame seems to be not relevant to the discussion

ping is shown in the lobby only if it is above 500... yea maybe host can drop you in observers to check you ping but i just don't beleave that is the problem

There is UI mod to mute all chat and pings, maybe later it can be chaged to be able to mute individual people

I don't think FAF is worse than other games in regards to toxisity.

  1. Most of UI mods are publicly available.
    "Coding challenge" UI mods? well i can agree that setting up everything can be annoying, but removing option to setup stuff for yourself would be sad.
    Yea, many UI mods are basicly cheating, but honestly they don't give you THAT much of an advantage (imho less than properly setup hotkeys), eventually best UI mods get integrated into the game (templates used to be a UI mod long long time ago, rebindable hotkeys used to require a UI mod, addctional unit info, selen deselect... reveal position mod used to reveal players position, but now faf just got updated and that mod no loger works but we have an option to have those things displayed, pretty sure there are other examples)

There are some UI mods that are forbidden, and they are usually pretty easy to spot when someone is using them. so i don't see how UI mods ruin competetive scene

  1. wonder what is still not fixed, would be interesting to hear...
    i know people want to fix performance... but that would just enable them to play with 10k units instead of 5k and game would still lag like it used to do =\

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@deletethis Considering this " Don't expect me to read your comments or reply. All hopes for Sanctuary." I don't think deribus is that much out of place if any at all with his reply. It's pretty clear that OP is not interested in any kind of talk by now.

@deribus not the right attitude really for the position your running for at the moment 🙂

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Exactly the right attitude for the position he’s running for.

@deribus said in Why I am abandoning FAF:

Cool story bro

My thoughts exactly. If you don't care about the replys then why even bother posting?

If someone makes me a UI mod that can ctrl-k my ACU the exact moment my opponent is in explosion range and under 2500hp I will start playing FAF again.

A moderator can close this topic now.

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