How to fight Aeon gun com?

I am looking for advice for fighting against an Aeon double gun com.

As their range is much larger than that of any other ACU.

I just can't figure out how to fight against this, I just seem to lose my entire army as i am constantly taking fire at range and cant get close as they just keep their distance, if i attack they retreat still in range if i retreat they advance, at all times still in range constantly taking fire, its so frustrating.

Lets say that in a 1v1 both players are equal and neither have an air or tech advantage at the t1 phase of the game but both players have gun upgrades with the Aeon player having double gun.

Scouting and not letting them get it, or if they already do, then getting T2 PD asap. Or just overwhelm them with units.

If neither player has an air or tech advantage and it's a flat map then you lose, Aeon has the better gun ACU get an advantage somewhere else.

having ur own gun acu should still be very nice because it eats aurora for breakfast (and OC t2 if he gets there) and can trade damage with enemy acu if he mismicroes. if u do get in his acu range u can also try rushing in with acu and units because his acu cant tank forever and you'll force him to move his auroras forward to tank a little (which they're terrible at)... this is a risky last-effort move though

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A couple of t2 PD will be very risky for the guncom to attack, depends on the map if it's feasable. Otherwise, when he has invested that much in guncom, you can have some nice toys as well. T2 land to raid his expansions?

Check out my maps here:

Madness 1 - 10

So i have just checked the costs and time of the upgrades.

Any other acu gun upgrade is 800 mass and 24,000 energy taking 1.20 minutes

Both Aeon gun upgrades together are 1000 mass and 30,000 energy taking both 1.40 minutes.

So for such a small difference the Aeon com is much more powerful.

So if its an even fight you win just becouse your aeon and the only counter to this is T2 PD wich you wont have until later in the game.

The longer Aeon is on t1 stage the more vulnerable auroras are to t1 arty and bombers. UEF ACU has a nano upgrade and seraphim ACU gets the resto field. Wouldn't say aeon ACU is much more powerful, just 5 more range (17%). The real power of the range gun is having a little extra range to overcharge t2 and t3 units.

another option is to deny intel. the aeon guncom can't use the range without radar coverage, so try to draw the fight outside his intel range, bomb radars, deny air scouts. If they extend without scouting, you can get in range with your own gun, and their advantage is now gone.

Shift G your tanks to stop his com and kill it. (If you have the units)

Also use terrain like a mountain to force him to close in to range.

Possible counters:
1- retreat.
Alright that's all the S tier stuff, let's see what else we got.
2- Pull back from com v com action. From there you need to evaluate where he is weak and exploit that. You could keep sending stuff at the com, hoping he over extends, or otherwise occupy his APM, then hit his power generation and storage. He might be overcharging, so you could help him into a power stall. Also, pulling back, building t2 pd in range and holding fire until the last moment is nice too. Combine with bombers because of the aforementioned power issue.

You must deceive the enemy, sometimes your allies, but you must always deceive yourself!

Basicly if you run away and then turn back he wont he able to react on time and his gun acu is in range of your gun acu.