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Add a reclaim metric to the post game graph. Actually I've never checked if its recorded during the game, I just remember it from the supreme score board during replays.

  • as it's already been said, having an audio alarm when power stall is about to happen is nice, but also when you overflow mass and/or energy ? could help very bad players like me...

  • same when a factory goes idle, and when your acu is really low on hp, like 2 or 3k hp...

  • having engies on reclaim prioritizing high value items would also be a great improvement

  • I suck at 20x20 maps, so when chosing which custom game to join, having the size of the map displayed could help...

First two are strange, but i think there are already some mods can do this.
Third is impossible because it effects engine part.
Forth: you can hover over Map name with mouse in lobby and see its info.

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Thanks for all the work you do!
I would like to suggest a small change if possible.
Having mouse buttons be available as key bindings would be super.
Tanks in advance.
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I'm afraid that that is engine related and out of our control 😞 .

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The one about sharing team radar circles is golden. We need that

@ctrl-k thanks for your answer 🙂

well for the first two, as I said, it can be a big helper for bad players like me, I understand it may look awkward for peolpe with more practice of supcom 😉

@nine2 said in Small suggestions topic:

The one about sharing team radar circles is golden. We need that

I look forward to your pull request 🙂

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

@elmi To limit people spamming pause, host the game with only 3 pauses.

Suggestion do load nukesubs automaticly. If basicly everybody builds nukesubs for nukes (and not for other things), why do we need to start loading manually every time? Tml's, antinukes, nukes on land etc. load automaticly. But with nukesubs, we need to keep eye on factory, to see when it is ready, sometimes find the nukesub in the middle of other things, and start loading manually, every nukesub. Seems like artificial difficulty, that should be easy to change.

My suggestion is to allow factories to set their waypoint to a unit group. When the factory finishes constructing a unit, it'll receive the same orders as the rest of the units in the group. If there's more than one order, it'll assign one randomly (or maybe by unit type)

The reason I want this is because then I can setup air patrols to be continuously replenished by a factory. Right now if you make a patrol order from a factory then give an order to the patroling units, there's no way for them to rejoin the patrol again. But if a unit group had the order and the factory was just assisting the unit group, then you could give the units any order you wanted and the factory would create more units for them.

Work is being done to work on the suggestion of @Giebmasse , see also this and this pull request on Github. And from another topic a pull request emerged about adding an ETA timer. We're getting there to implement some of these suggestions. Note that some suggestions appear small, but they may be difficult because they require engine changes. We can't do that for the average suggestion.

@wikingest said in Small suggestions topic:

Suggestion do load nukesubs automaticly.

I'll ask around if this is desirable.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

@jip said in

I'll ask around if this is desirable.

make sense to me to load them automatically. Nuke launchers and smd on land load automatically. A nuke subs only real purpose is to launch a nuke so yeah autoload please 😊

@scout_more_often It makes sense - IF - the cost of the missile is included in the cost of the unit. This should be true of any unit which is required to 'build' ammunition. SMD, SML, TML or otherwise.

We implemented this choice into LOUD some years ago, allowing players to determine IF missile units were to be autoloaded, and by how much. Needless to say, autoloading does encourage certain behaviors.

While on the topic of nuke sub, should they be able to make anti-nukes (smd) as well? So the player could have an option to either make a nuke or anti nuke from the nuke sub.

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That's more of a balance change

@thecore i like this idea, would be great if the balance team could consider it. Would give an option to build smd for water areas of the map 😊

Suggestion: Make the factory engineer attack not ending.

Engineers lose this sweet sweet mode when they can´t find any mass or sometimes randomly.

The annoying part is, you have always to watch if there is still mass on the ground, if you are 2 secounds to late
the engenieers go idle and leave the attack mode, despite you would like to send them to another mass.

When they don´t lose the attack mode you can be more relaxed and move the factory attack waypoint just later.

I don´t know if this is an issue, but someone could send some engineers to a location as a weapon and try to eat enemy units,
but this would be probably a very bad deal.

The increase in am range from factory is a bug, so I kinda doubt one could make it continue after re issuing a am

That's the punishment for not properly managing your engineers. Move them before they go idle to keep the attack range.