Forbid to kill underwater without weapons used that purpose


Hello everyone

I don't know if what I am asking is technically possible, but I wanted to know if it is possible to restrict the damage done underwater by weapons which are not supposed to attack underwater.

For instance, killing coms that are underwater with strategic bombers, or killing t3 torpedoes defense by using battleship shooting at them.

For me it is very weird that this is made possible on the game.

Of course it would change quite a bit the gameplay.

What would you think about this?

Thanks a lot.


I'd have though it'd be possible via a mod. It's been suggested as a balance suggestion a few times in the past but from memory people were either split or slightly in favour of keeping the 'ground fire to kill subs' option, so I think the only realistic option would be creating a sim mod that does it for games you host.
Might also need balance tweaks if you were to do in a mod - e.g. the Cybran T3 torpedo defence would become a lot stronger otherwise.

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@maudlin27 alot stronger? Bro the t3 torpedo defense would become unkillable almost

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We addressed this issue several years ago in LOUD - it was a rather simple fix - and it hasn't made the HARMS, or other T3 torpedo defense units, awesome or unkillable. What it has done is properly framed the submarine, torpedo and anti-torpedo units in a way that makes them viable, and a meaningful portion of the naval game. If you don't properly compose your fleets with the appropriate units, you should expect to be defeated.


Already argued about it in many threads and FAF doods want it to stay the way it is.


Technically it wouldn't be difficult. But as far as I am aware the balance team wants to keep it as it is.

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I still have flashbacks of my thread about battleship balance being hijacked B(
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