Aeon T2 Shield Upgrade

Why is it that every faction, except Aeon, can upgrade their shield buildings from T2 to T3? It is annoying that I have to destroy the Aeon T2 shield and build over it with a T3. Is this an original base game oversight from game dev's? Or is it on purpose? Has a FAF patch been considered to change this? I know the BrewLan mod addresses the issue. What do other's think, leave it as is, or change?

I'm pretty sure it's intentional by the original devs. That the ability to only be at T2 but upgrade to t3 is a bonus for the other factions. Intentional like it's comically small radius.

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I don't play Aeon really ever but when I do I find it annoying as all hell......even still I wouldn't change it. I think it's part of what makes FAF so great. Each faction has its quirks and Aeon has huge late-game weapons that offset this.

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It makes a lot more sense when you consider the lack of Seraphim pre-FA.

Cybran had a bunch of baby upgrades
UEF had one big upgrade
Aeon had no upgrades at all

Seraphim came along and just copied the UEF system

@deribus Since Seraphim have the best shields, take away their ability to upgrade? It doesn't seem like the kind of thing that they would be worried about anyway. Their theme is "hate, kill, attack, destroy everything," not "maintain a sensible upgrade path"

@arma473 Seraphim shields are not "the best" because they are too expensive in 1v1. Better to just have cheaper shields that can still buy time against some random nothas.

ITT something that is actually a detriment to the Sera shields is their size. Easier to get hits on with various things, more spillover from other shields. It's a small one, and I doubt it's often pivotal, but I exploit it as often as I can remember to build shield disruptors 😄

You must deceive the enemy, sometimes your allies, but you must always deceive yourself!

arent the aeon t2 shields hitting a nice spot in the meta? relativly high shield power and small radius -> so more shield power for the stuff underneath, making it a very good firebase shield. t3 shields are just for your base when you have no space anymore or so much eco, that it dosnt matter anymore. so the small radius isnt a problem at all bcs its a smaller "hitbox", the same principle why the uef com personal shield is better in most cases than the big shield, bcs its a smaller hitbox. t3 shields got more shield power overall but distributing it over a larger field -> so for a small area you have less shield power.

Correct me pls (i know you will with pleasure), i dont got the numbers, but this is my understanding.

Why can't I downgrade my shields from t3 back to t2?