Emojis are coming, but...

So, you might have seen this post Emojis [UI] and wondered where they are now.
Mod has been updated... and it's not a mod anymore, it's gonna be integrated in FAF! (after half a year)
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However, I can't decide for community what emojis to add in base game, so, you can do it here as community!
Send emojis and names for them in this post, here are requirements:

  • 32 x 32 pixels (as in Discord, but you can send larger)
  • emojis that suit FAF rules

You can group them into packages that will make easier to customize since there is Package manager.

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no twitch cancer pls

@mazornoob said in Emojis are coming, but...:

no twitch cancer pls

Agree, psycho only!

Lets collaborate



I would say start with the emojis on the FAF Discord and go from there. Is there a limit to the number?

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u

ClarkeHug.png RhizaGG.png DostyaHype.png FletcherAngry.png

I propose we put the anime emojis ❤

FAF Website Developer

We need to make sure we have distribution rights for any emoticons we add

@sheikah These are mine so yes, feel free to distribute them in any shape or manner, also here they are on 64x64 64clarke.png 64rhiza.png 64Dostya.png 64fletcher.png

FAF Website Developer

@femboy Understood was more just a general comment not necessarily directed at you

@Femboy Hey! Emoticons are now supported in the FAF client. If you would like to see other new emojis, feel free to add them. 😃

Sponsored emojies when? We could have "Coca-Cola Corporation" branding on a GG emoji, maybe a nuke emoji brought to you by Geico

Will people have the ability to substitute their own versions of these emojis?

For example, if you have 2 folders for the emoji image files, a "base" folder used by the FAF client, which would maintain the official picture files

And then an "override" folder into which people could put their own image files.

So if the game finds a picture in the override folder, it would use that instead of the official picture. And this would allow people to have custom emojis that aren't part of the base package (even though obviously other players wouldn't be able to see them if they don't have the same custom files)

So if anyone finds a particular emoji annoying they could override it, or people could just override emojis for fun

And every time the FAF client updates the emojis they wouldn't have to reinstall their custom emojis

@arma473 That is not currently supported. All emojis in the client are packaged with the client

Need all 10,000 psycho variations