Emojis [UI]

April Fool's Day is coming and i think it's great day for releasing UI mod for game chat "Emojis". Code is done (still looking for bugs) and i need to fill up mod with emojis, thats why help needed. Send me in Discord (4z0t) emojis you want to add and names for them.

Some functionality:

  • type ":" to open searching window
  • click on emoji in list to select it
  • "tab" will paste the first match of searching
  • scroll through emojis:
  • enjoy!

Also, come here for lobby emojis! https://forum.faforever.com/topic/1460/emojis-in-lobby

Just a tip, the plural for emoji is typically emojis not "emojies".

@archsimkat, nah,my bad(

This post is deleted!

А когда выпустите версию для краша лобби?

FYI, for anybody that's had interest in the past to have Emojis in the game chat as seen on several streamer channels, Rowey has been kind enough to un-hide this mod & it is once again available in the Mods tab.

For those who don't know, you can also use these Emojis in the lobby chat by following the instructions here: https://forum.faforever.com/topic/1460/emojis-in-lobby

Thank you Rowey!

I don’t recommend using it since it is deprecated

@azath0th From reading the PR that was made to integrate this into the game, that was actually closed without integration, so it's not in the game atm, which means this mod is the only way to get those emojis. Is the mod no longer working as you intended & is no longer going to be updated?

Yes, there were intentions to integrate the mod, but inactivity of community made it impossible https://forum.faforever.com/topic/3020/emojis-are-coming-but?_=1689510542175

This post is deleted!
"Yes, there were intentions to integrate the mod, but inactivity of community made it impossible"