1 vs 1 stats graph looks horrible

The graph used to look normal but now there are a lot of parts where it seems there are no datapoints? What is happening?


Previously the graph was just points in order and the space between dates was not respected. Now they are. So you see the changes from when the game happened.

Is there an option to make the graph render the old way? The line in the graph looks more like a heartbeat monitor then a useful rendering of my skill progress.

No there is no option

Play less, make breaks between games longer and your graph will look cool

I sometimes don't play for weeks. You want me to make those breaks even longer to get a nicer graph? It is a 8 years. Maybe that is why the graph is crap.

Looks fine to me. Why would you want a totally wonky time scale on the graph instead of an accurate representation of how your ratings changed over time?

actually this graph can looks better if it will use games instead of date of game played...

It just sounds like you are incapable of reading the graph properly. It's your rating over time; when you don't play for some time there's obviously going to be "no data". Just because you don't understand that doesn't mean it's "crap".
What you want is probably what Eternal said, a graph of your rating by games, not by time.

@femtozetta is it okay if have my own opinion on what I think is crap or not? I don't need someone else to tell my what my opinions are. As for the graph; it used to be different. The new version is less useful in my opinion so I think this one is more crappy! I already understood I was asking for a different graph. I asked if there is an option to tweak it. As stated by Sheikah. "No there is no option"

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@saltyelbow said in 1 vs 1 stats graph looks horrible:

Freaking toxic community!

You came here and said it's horrible and crap. It's people like you who make it toxic.
It's ok to have your own opinion, but you're a clown for getting all pissy after getting called out for how you presented yours.

@femtozetta I sometimes like to be salty. People who are going to use picky words to always say the other is wrong don't really listen to the message between the sentences. So you must be always right, but yeah not really a fun person to be with. I prefer clowns over known-it-all persons.

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