Tell me your Shard stories!

Has anyone used the shard sucessfully? I very rarely see it and I am wondering if anyone has any stories of them being used at all.

I know they have better AA than other t1 navy, but that hardly seems to come up.


Would is be possible to tweak them to have them be useful at sea?

You must deceive the enemy, sometimes your allies, but you must always deceive yourself!

The only thing I have ever accomplished by making shards is to provoke another player into typing something into in-game chat like "lol he made shards"

Story 1) I made shards. It mattered not. I died anyway.
Story 2) I made shards. They died to a frigate because they run in frontline. Then the bombers came and destroyed my frigates.
Story 3) I made shards. Soon after I get a cruiser. I stopped making shards.

Even after the small buff, they have so many drawbacks, and are only usefull in very niche and time limited situations that we're probably not going to see much more of them anytime soon.

I made a shard once to kill someone’s t1 scout stream on setons. That shard got some serious value. That’s about it though.

Once in a 2v2 TMM game with a small crossing over water near a players spawn they were ahead in air. My ally was just getting a firebase up across from an enemy's spawn too close to his AA for interceptors to fight well. I pumped out 5-8 shards and move spammed them near the firebase. They took 0 hits from T1 arty and MML and suppressed the entire enemy air raid until the firebase was up.

Some certain phantom game with 700 T1 bombers vs 400 shards
To clarify, the numbers are not total but rather per 10 seconds or so. It was Yudi with like 60 T3 factories spending ~1.2k ? Mass/s on T1 bombers. Sadly the shards hard countered such a move even when cruisers and sams couldn't.

@tagada oh, that is interesting. I have never played a phantom game. Why did the shards work out? Was it just the capability to engage multiple targets at once? IIRC aeon cruisers didn't have AOE.

You must deceive the enemy, sometimes your allies, but you must always deceive yourself!

I did see a team game where someone made 7-8 shards and defended air really well.

Makes me wonder in t1 unties are better

In t2-t3 they have some small uses

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They are very useful. In the aeon company mission one 😆

have started to forget they exist till you guys bring it up tbh

queuing with a newbie to show him the beauty of tmm and meeting tagada be like:

keep in mind that shards were buffed.

From my own experience i remember chasing air units with shards cause they are just THAT fast

also not 100% sure but also running away from torpedos
dodjing almost any projectile
Even if you don't manage to completely run away from torpedos, you still greatly prolong time before unit dies and usually at that time torps are right above your aa boats... tho they still kinda don't feel that great against t2 torp bombers, tho you really need to take unit costs in account if you want to understand how good they are

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