Introducing Mapgen Week on Ladder


its for 7 days if you dont want to play only mapgen jsut dont play that week then oit will go back to the normal ladder pool

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Ladder suffers from small queues at it is. TMM rating reset nearly killed TMM.

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I think this is a great initiative, and it might make some people who like to play mapgen in customs games take another look at ladder.

@archsimkat said in Introducing Mapgen Week on Ladder:

I may make it an event only for particular rating brackets only, e.g. 1300+ or 1800+. Feel free to post any feedback here or message me on discord/FAF.

pls no. Don't get everyone hyped up for mapgen with news and promotions, only for 50% of the players to realize that they can't participate.
If anything I think mapgen is especially good for the lower rating brackets, as it forces players to adapt on the fly instead of doing the same turtle BO they always do.

Mayble limit 20x20 map to higher rating bracket.


not there're a milion ladder players there,really questionable if someone will stop playing ladder for good for the first "drastic" change for the last several years,just give it a go?

queuing with a newbie to show him the beauty of tmm and meeting tagada be like:


Nice, great step in the right direction which is all competition done on generated maps! I think im gonna play some games if its still possible these days.

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@Rezy-Noob I am pretty neutral on this and will play anyway, I am just asking if this was well thought out.

One thing is communication, how will the silent <1k player group know this is a 1 week event and not a permanent change?


By looking at the news I guess?


@blackyps said in Introducing Mapgen Week on Ladder:

By looking at the news I guess?

Do you know how many people do?
But never mind, I am probably overly concerned about risks and details.


I think there should be info about this on the Matchmaking tab, just the news is not enough.


@femtozetta probably true, but my guess is that would only happen if/when this or other matchmaker events become more of a regular thing.

I really like the idea of having matchmaker events happen for specific time periods and I’m glad to see someone making it happen with the tools that are already available.


Good initiative Arch, looking forward to playing some mapgen only


@valki said in Introducing Mapgen Week on Ladder:

A bold move, last to suggest something (more) drastic was nine with his forced TMM week.

Has this been considered carefully with enough people? Isn't it safer to have it run on a separate matchmaker? I understood there are 6 slots in the client for matchmakers.

Just FYI arch ran this idea across the ladder team and we agreed that it would be interesting to see how it goes. One week should be plenty a sample size to get an initial reaction, and we will react to feedback accordingly. For example, if there are pouring messages of disdain, we will cut it short; if there is a mix, we will wait to evaluate after the fact; if there is an influx of positive and excited individuals, we may introduce some "map gen months" and keep going.

The map gen feature is only recently something that gained mass popularity, and from my personal experience, am seeing it used more and more lately.


Very happy to know this was carefully considered 🙂 - as I said just overly concerned but perhaps also about FAF organization sorry @archsimkat




I definitely think this should be for everyone, not particular rating brackets. There's no reason to host and advertise an event only to say "oh but only the top 10% of players can participate."

Lower rated players (myself included) are less likely to have map specific build orders and gameplay styles anyway.


Good idea. However will the map size be weighted to be similar to normal ladder, or will it be 1/3 5x5 1/3 10x10 1/3 20x20? If possible (if not already done) I'd suggest it mirror the normal map pool weighting for a particular rating bracket.

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That's gonna be really funny

No whoring builds, pure fun and skill. Love it


A lot of people will love it, and a lot of people will hate it. Just like with every other decision on faf lol

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@zwaffelnoob You just summarized life, nothing to do with FAF 😄 .

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I believe this is a great decision! Mapgen has been one of the greatest additions to FAF (thanks Neroxis) and it makes for really interesting battles sometimes (specially considering how reclaim heavy they can be, t3 and t4 become doable on a ladder match)

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