Looking for feedback on whether people perceive more or fewer connection problems

@p4block I am playing over 4G (AT) which always worked pretty well. Most I had was a bad con to a couple of Australian players. However, since a couple of days I have trouble connecting to certain players which makes it kinda hard to play tmm and bigger lobbies. Refaf doesnt really help either.

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Internet service providers do weird things like shared ipv4 addresses between multiple customers and other fucked up stuff. So while IPv4 is in general more stable, there might be cases where ipv6 is the only option.

Technically speaking: IPv6 should be more stable, in theory that is of course.

Imagine that 2 peers whom both are behind CGNAT do get a server reflexive, or peer reflexive connection. Holes have been punched, connections are made, all is good. But then one of the CGNATs do some of these "fucked up stuff" like dropping the connection from their routing table, or whatever crazy thing (remember, thousands of folks share the same public IPv4 Address, and there are only 65535 ports to go around for them). Now the connection is lost. New holes need to be punched, the STUN server needs to get busy again for coordination, etc.

On the other hand, if both peers connect using IPv6, they get a direct end-to-end connection which needs only be routed, where the likeliness to mess it up is really slim. There are possibly only 2 router firewalls involved, which can make complications.

My experience with the enabled IPv6 support is actually very positive.
I made some logging modifications to the java ice adapter to see whenever I had an IPv6 connection realized with other peers.

I would actually suggest to make that option the default, and users would need to actively opt-out.
I think the world is now ready for IPv6.

@rigomate That setting actually was set as enabled by default when it was first introduced, but there were so many players that had connection issues because of it, that it was changed to not being enabled by default.

Looking for feedback on whether people perceive more or less connection problems


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Hello, I am playing over 4G/5G RAT and I am experiencing a worse behaviour in trying to connect to other players. When I try to join the lobby, it takes a long time before I can connect to the host, or to other players. I cannot report a pattern, I just try to refaf over and over and as a result I usually fix the connection to a player but a problem in connecting to others often raises

@p4block said in Looking for feedback on whether people perceive more or fewer connection problems:

We're looking for feedback specially from people playing over 4G/5G

I play via 4G and for a while I´ve been losing connection to one or two players in at least 30% of all games, especially during the day, when there was a high network load a dc was almost guaranteed.

Now it has become sigificantly better!
Within the last week I had one total dc to the entire FAF client, which made me drop ingame, but that´s it.
It does take a few refafs to establish connection to everyone in the lobby now though, but it´s not much of an issue.

Thank you very much for considering people who use unconventional methods for internet access xD

После обновления не возможно нормально играть. Подключиться без проблем к лобби из 10-16 игроков - настоящее чудо. А после, в процессе игры, без дисконектов не обходился ни один матч. Уж не знаю, связано ли это с происками "людей в сером" или разработчики ФАФ писали патч пьяными 🙂
Играю с территории России. Местоположение определяется или США или Швеция. Оптоволокно Ростелеком, никаких более "надстроек", вроде VPN, не использую.

Google translation, sorry, I don’t speak English 😞
After the update it is not possible to play normally. Connecting without problems to a lobby of 10-16 players is a real miracle. And after, during the game, not a single match was complete without disconnections. I don’t know if this is connected with the machinations of the “men in gray” or the FAF developers wrote the patch drunk 🙂
I play from Russian territory. The location is determined to be either the US or Sweden. Fiber optic from Rostelecom, I don’t use any other “add-ons” like VPN.

Queuing for 3v3 mathmaker in the last couple of hours I had 4 'match found' games, of which 1 proceeded to an actual game (for which there were no connection issues) and 3 failed with me noted as the cause - client log attached. Prior to this I've probably had as many 'failed due to me' messages in my entire time playing 3v3s
(I removed entries in the client log from before the time I recalled starting to queue so it'd be small enough to upload)

Mate as a AUS player you have literally fixed the game, it was unplayable before for us!

Many thanks to you and all who helped contribute!!!!

More stable than during the worst of the DDos days, but still lots of games that never connect. So it's been better at points the last year. Also, quite often now I have to restart the client after a game ends as it thinks I'm still in game. This could potentially be because I am on a mac with bootcamp and have always had to terminate the game process for it not to freeze on normal exit (someone wrote that it's about newer macs and their SSDs). But it used to work before. And also, I am no longer Swedish, it switches between Danish and Norwegian.

I personally find it much, much more stable than pre-DDOS days even, although the occasional disconnect still happens (never to me, always to someone else if it happens, and more than likely it's their fault, not FAF's). The flags are still borked though, for example, the FAF client swears I'm from Austria, even though I live hundreds of kilometers away in Hungary. My friend I often play with is now correctly flagged as being Hungarian (he was also flagged as Austrian for a few days), and we live in the same city, so something weird is going on there.

@FreadyFish @Utopian ATM, flags are based on the Cloudflare server that you're connected through to get to the FAF services. There's a fix in the pipeline that will be deployed the next time the FAF server is taken offline for maintenance, but it's unknown when that will be.

@freadyfish I also play SCFA on an iMac booted into Windows (custom install instead of strait Boot Camp) & did experience issues when exiting the game. It could be both or either the Mac's internal SSD or a sound bug (as inconceivable as that is). I have my install on an external SSD & also use a 3rd party sound device/driver (VoiceMeeter) & haven't had any issues with this setup for several years.

@mostlostnoob Thanks for the answer! Interesting to know that's how it works. Still, it's a bit odd to put two players who live in the same city in completely different countries for whatever reason. I guess we have different ISPs and that somehow affects the cloudflare connection? To be fair though, this whole "issue" is quite unimportant, it's just a funny visual bug.

@mostlostnoob Nice, someday I'll look into that. I think I deleted my music files (2 if I remember), otherwise it didn't start or crashed, something like that. I guess that's the quick fix if anyone else have the same problem. Great about the flags, I guess I can stand being Danish/Norwegian a bit longer. Barely. (JK dear neighbours) Update: Besides flags it been smooth since alpha-3.

@utopian When I play with my friends, we all connect to the same VPN Server, in order to get a direct p2p connection over this single server. Kind of like our on relay node. All the traffic gets routed over this server, yet some of us get a german flag, some get a dutch. We also thought this is weird, but that cloudflare thing explains it.

For me the connection has become much better with the latest version of the client. Before this, TMM was very bad, very often it could not connect with players, but I have a cable connection and a minimum number of disconnects. With the new client, I have never caught a situation where I see an empty player table in the ice client debugger window. Thanks to the developers for not abandoning the game and constantly improving the bugs.

Well I had connections problems tonight and have never had any before so....