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I don't think the recall system should force live players who don't vote recall to lose and stop playing against their will. So, I suggest that recall is changed to only remove the players who voted for it when a recall vote succeeds. That way, those players are not forced to stay in the game and the remaining player(s) are not forced to quit.

I think this change should be implemented either way, but I think it would be particularly nice in combination with the change proposed here.

I realize that some people will argue with this change on the basis that they don't want the players on the winning team to actually play the game out instead of potentially joining the queue for the next match. I have several things to say regarding that:

  1. If the game is so one-sided that the remaining player(s) have no reasonable change of victory, then it should end soon anyway. If it isn't so one-sided that the remaining player(s) can be killed quickly, even after their teammates recall, then perhaps it wasn't so one-sided to begin with and the players could try to pull off a win.
  2. I think this issue is basically pronounced with a very small subset of very high-rated players who have a very disproportionate forum presence. (For perspective, I could probably guess the names of the players who will argue with this post and count them on my fingers. : P) I'm not saying it doesn't apply to anyone else, but allowing players to keep playing in a game that they want to keep playing in seems like a good thing for like 99% of FAF players.
  3. I think most players actually like chill situations where they're winning and can make epic T4's and make enemy coms explode and such. So, I don't think it's normally some big impetus for the winning team to actually carry out their win in-game. A decent number of people might actually even consider that their favorite part of the game.
  4. And being forced to quit in a game where you are confident you can win can feel really undesirable. I have had many games where the majority of my team wanted to quit, and some where some teammates actually did quit, and I ended up winning anyway. Comebacks do happen, and it's not like they're super rare in FAF, especially when dealing with lower and mid-rated opponents and snipes and such. So, I think people shouldn't be forced to quit against their will.

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The whole point of this being implemented was that high level dudes get stuck in a game because 1 guy thinks he’s God’s gift to strategy and will solo humanity. At top level you don’t have 5 dudes waiting around to fill the next game, you just sit idle in the next lobby while it takes 10 minutes to grind the win out.

So to stop it, people started to base ctrl+k. Mod team decided to make it a blanket ban to base ctrl+k, dynamic was explained after a few terrible bans, recall was implemented.

Your proposal just brings us back to base ctrl+k’ing to stop dudes ruining the night of games.


This post is a copy of:

where I proposed the following solution:

We're looking into making it a lobby option, where the host can enable / disable recalling as he / she sees fits. It would be disabled by default. That way lobbies where it matters (2K+) can have it enabled, but lobbies where it does not matter that much can have it disabled. People can then just stay / leave as they see fit.

How does that sound?

It would be enabled for TMM by default. Note that we use a very similar criteria to the one used by League of Legends:

edit: beyond that, we're not changing how recall works. The suggestions made in this topic would entirely defeat the purpose of why we added the feature in the first place.

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It's not a duplicate of that post, actually. That post proposes making recall require all players agreeing to succeed. My OP does not propose that. My OP proposes adjusting recall to allow the remaining player(s) who didn't vote to recall to continue playing after the others had a successful recall vote which enabled them to leave. Thus, my suggestion would not defeat the purpose of adding the feature in the first place, as people would still be allowed to recall and leave without ctrl-k'ing.

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You can leave a lost game whenever you want. You don’t need recall or base ctrl+k for that. The point of both is to solve the issue of keeping enemy team stuck in stasis to kill a dude that is functionally dead.

Both the above solutions solve that, your adjustment doesn’t.


How this new version of recall is different from just leaving the game? Its just "oh gg go next" written in chat but called "recall vote"

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i'd strongly recommend the following:
1)make it an option for custom lobbies (which is enabled by default), so people can have the option of not playing with it if they find it suitable for the game;
2)keep it in the current state for any MM system;

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I don't like the idea of players being able to force someone else on their team to concede, but I'd forgotten about the planned change to make it into a lobby option which addresses the majority of my concerns. I'd prefer it if it could be disabled by default at lower ranks on TMM and enabled at higher ranks since the impression I've gotten is the issue the feature aims to address is far more of an issue at the higher ranks while the drawbacks of it are likely to be more pronounced at lower ranks where players may not understand what the system is, but appreciate such a solution could be more complicated than it'd be worth as well as unintuitive (since you wouldn't know when entering a TMM game if recall was enabled or disabled)

I've not been part of a recall vote (only seen the opposing team recall) so I dont know if there's anything to communicate to team members what is happening beyond a message saying that [player/team] has recalled - i.e. if it isn't already ideally it should be clear to everyone on the recalling team that as most of the team voted to recall, it means the game is surrendered, to pre-empt queries people might have about why it recalled when they voted no.


@penguin_ I Agree 100% I can't stand the recall function. People just give up way more often. the host should be able to set this function to on or off. I was just in a seton game that was still winnable but someone asked for a vote and 2 of 3 said recall so it was insta gg. REALLY annoying and ruins the fun of trying to win from your backfoot.


@redfox Yes, people chicken out too easily.