Give Cybrans the Aeon Absolver, simple as. You can even do some sort of community design bounty for people to design a version of the Absolver that best fits the Cybran aesthetic.

The logic seems pretty obvious to me. Cybran suffers from the inability to deal with mobile shield spam so a unit that specializes in killing shields would greatly assist in making loya and brick pushes more efficient. Aeon is also arguably the most shield centered faction rn with the fact Asylum costs nothing and is amphibious so it makes zero sense for them to have this unit.

This also gives Cybran a great way to handle sniper spam since they can make some Absolvers to kill the shields and then have 3-4 trebuchets that insta kill the snipers.

Also don't need to read any more crybaby posts about UEF or Aeon rambo shield ACUs.

I like this idea, I bet @MadMax would love to make that unit

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It's a hover unit which is more in keeping with Aeon. If Cybran were to be given such a unit I think it should be land based and be in addition to Aeon having the Absolver.
Since Cybran have the worst shields it feels like them having an anti-shield unit is reasonable though.

Maybe add the shield shredding ability to some other unit in the cybran roster? Having a specialized unit for this always seemed a bit excessive to me. The absolver so rarely used.

For example, we could add it to the t1 arty or the t2 mml. Hey, then at least one factions mml would be good. Also seems reasonable to have the faction with the worst firebase capability to be the one that is best at killing them.

Giving it the t1 arty doesn't rlly fix it imo due to the insufficient range. You'd need to spam t1 arties and that's simply not possible during the time the first couple of snipers march onto the field.
MML can be easily dodged as well and making them better against shields even makes them a bit... too OP? for MMLs at least, since the missile-split is alrdy insanely good against firebases / non-Aeon-TMDs so only the shields can do smth against them

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Absolver is rarely used because what are you supposed to use it for in Aeon roster.

Bulwark? Make 1 tempest and kill infinite bulwark shields.
Shields on land? Make snipers.
ACU? Snipers.

@ftxcommando I use them, even against land. They have 652,5 DPS against shields vs Spirit Strikers's 144 and cost 2 times less. And they reset shield recovery cooldown, so that the enemy's shield never goes up.

Absolvers have nil health. How are you going to protect them from bombers and sniper bots as Cybran?

@mazornoob 1200 HP.

Fair point. It makes them "Trebuchets that don't have to stand still for 4 seconds to start shooting" then.


@mazornoob said in Absolver:

Absolvers have nil health. How are you going to protect them from bombers and sniper bots as Cybran?

You know absolvers have more range than snipers, right?

@maudlin27 said in Absolver:

It's a hover unit which is more in keeping with Aeon. If Cybran were to be given such a unit I think it should be land based.

Just make it floating amphibious like Cybran/UEF engineers

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u

Cybran don't do hovers. If anything it should be Wagner-like with emp torpedos to kill bulwarks and long range rockets for everything else

Will be discussed, I am open to this idea.

Did I understand this correctly? -
So, you're suggesting the Absolver be removed from the Aeon roster and then be redesigned into the Cybran Roster? Or copying it into the Cybran roster?

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Doesn't need to be redesigned as a unit, just needs a model that fits the Cybran aesthetic. The unit itself is fine as it stands it just fits better in the Cybran roster than the Aeon one. I would rather remove it from Aeon and give it to Cybran but I don't really care if Aeon keeps their version of Absolver.

I like to see absolver reworked to be like/closer Blaze and Auroras. My 2 cents

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I imagine it'll keep most of its stats as it currently is in the Aeon Roster;
Though, amphibious and not hover, I presume?
Long range, T3 Unit, etc.

Sounds pretty good, though I worry about it being amphibious.
If this unit is amphibious, then that will introduce a deadly combo with stealth fields in navy.
Guess you could just torp them, too.
(Would have to see how it would react in-game for more accurate feedback.)

Removing the Absolver from the Aeon Roster would probably cause problems with Aeon-fans, so probably best to leave it in and just duplicate it into the Cybran Roster.

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what about making it transform into a ship-like appearance when it goes to water, like salem does when going to land, to get additional speed (not necessarily a lot of it, but at least faster than normal hover, salem isn't very fast on land either) without additional stealth of being underwater

the problem I see with it is that both hover and underwater would be too slow to keep up with navy speeds while also being very low hp and easily sniped, and just giving them speed would make them too fast on land

Should it be kept at T3 or moved down to T2 with some nerfs?