Weekly Discussion #21 - LABs and Land Scouts

Land scouts aren't particularly interesting so I'll lump them in here. Plus for Sera they're one and the same

Land scouts are not used often enough! Provide great intel for your army, even when you run out of energy 🙂

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

I always thought there was something wrong with the UEF land scout being a fast-looking bike but actually being barely faster than a LAB and the slowest scout (excluding the selen). The piddly long-range gun is hilarious tho.

The weapons on scouts are hilariously bad, and usually just give away its position, so I set them to hold fire. Scouts are great when there's an intel blackout and there's bombers, or for your front line. They do go out of style pretty fast though.

Edit: Labs are great, great to crank out in a panic, good harassment too. Also go out of style in 5 minutes.

Remove radar from Cyb frigates, make moles amphibious and give them torpedoes.

Are land scouts really not used often enough? For me, they are about 15% of the units I build.

what happened to the proposed radar range changes to limit the amount of scout and radar spam a bit?

What do ppl like to do with Seraphim scouts? I play Sera & UEF mostly but I'm never sure what to do with Sera scouts other than cloak them w/ weapons off and park them on mexes. But problem is if they get pushed off or gone around by the enemy I usually can't move them or they'll be insta-killed when they break stealth.

(also it seems like they're not good for LAB duties like early map control or ghetto gunning)

I like to put land scouts in my armies, especially on large maps. A bullet that hits a scout is one fewer hit that my tanks can take. I also usually do ~1 scout per 5 tanks, and that ensures they can see the enemy.

Also sometimes I make factories and their entire job is to spit out an endless barrage of scouts and artillery and just attack move at the enemy's firebase. If they have t2 pd then I bump it up to tac missiles. The scouts find the buildings, and the artillery blasts it.

Downside is that move is easily countered with mobile units - so I try to have a lot of tanks in the area too. But I don't attack-move them.

Cybran scout hopefully gets the never used upgrade

Sera is a combat scout

Aeon has hover

Uef needs to be submersible like a Wagner

Could give land scouts some residual vision like air scouts after they die.

Is that not a bug?

No, that is a feature of the Seraphim air scout.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

@jip "Air scout"? Eh? What feature?

Being an Aeon, I always have scouts in my land army, since they are the only ones that will follow my army in and out of the water, and Auroras really like them. As a funny fact, mass-wise, they kill running away battleships that start from afar; might use them as a distraction on water to consume hits and potentially reveal mermaid-stealthed fleets.

Most units get T2 or T3 variants including radar and air scouts, but there's no land based upgrade to the T1 land scout