After 5 years its time to go. It has been a blast. Thank you!

I've played this game since 2017: over 3000 (ranked+unranked) by now. (Yes, mostly gap and for the gap-hater: you can judge all you want, but man) I've had lots and lots of fun. (I've even made Youtube-videos about FAF, because I had time ;-).) In the process I've met superb people who liked to teamplay and loved to hunt for the next crazy strategy to win a game. Many of which - sadly - seem to have left already.

For the last year it has become harder. Although the game has improved significantly on many fronts, the playerbase is not:

  • Many players of mixed nationalities seem to have left? Most gaps are hosted and played by a certain nationality (which I will not judge, because that is not my point here). My point is that because of the language barrier its hard to communicate, or there seems to be no communication at all. It has become a kind of one-nationality party for many gap-games.
  • In the gap-games which mixed nationalities still reside, there is kind of a tribe mentality, that if your part of 'the gang', "if your a real dog" (yes You who kicked me last game, I'm talking to you) you get precidence, no matter how long you have been waiting in a game.
  • Then there are the gap-players that just do their own thing (yes, there was always the oddball here and there, but its become worse it seems) no matter what you ask, no matter how you beg for teamplay to finish a game well. By finishing well I mean losing and still being able to say "that was a good game". I get that feeling, and that respect for the winner, less and less.

This means that playing this game has become more frustrating then fun and its time to go. I'll be leaving some players whom I respect, who I feel authentically like the gameplay, the teamwork, the effort to "finish well". Players such as HOSCHMOSCH thank you. It has been a blast. See you in the next 'game'.

PS1: The first comment will probably be a non-gap player saying "if you wouldn't play gap, you wouldn't have this problem, and partly I agree. I have tried to get used to match maker etc. (a thing that is really really cool imho) BUT when I do want to play, there doesn't seem enough players to actually fill a game. For that reason I'm moving on to games with bigger playerbases.

PS2: "Why don't you just silently leave, instead of poisoning this forum with your negative thoughts?" Hey, I'm just pointing out some problems I see which I think are hurting the game. I would leave anyway. Maybe there is someone who is able to do some good with this critique. I'm not trying to disrespect all volunteers who are doing great work keeping FAF alive and way more. A big thank you.

Play setons instead!

As a fellow gap enjoyer, I wanted to be the first to answer... alas, no such luck.

I'm not sure if we ever played together, and while I share some of your frustrations, I should definitely mention that lately more and more people are playing TMM and you can generally hop in at most times.

Here's a pic of what I'm seeing currently:


It's actually much harder to get a half-decent gap lobby going (somewhere around 1.1k+, opti) unless you get lucky and manage to open the client at the right time.

Ultimately I hope you find whatever you are looking for, and there's no harm in playing a game every now and then - no need to go all tragic 'Farewell forever FAF, my beloved' etc.

You, gapers, have created this mess in the abyss called GAP with your own hands. You drove yourself into this by playing this map, you grew up on this map and after 5 years you finally understood the problem =), but you are no longer able to fix it. F

Although the game has improved significantly on many fronts

Nice to read. Beyond that, I appreciate you taking the time to write it up. Not sure if there is anything we can do about it beyond what we're already trying at the moment.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

@eternal Well that is where I think you are partly right and partly wrong. I started out on normal maps like most, but then 4-3 years ago there were periods were it was very hard to fill a lobby with other maps then gap. I've met many gappers who started playing gap for the same reason. At that time I just wanted to play; better to play gap, then not playing at all. (There was no TMM yet. And where did Canis go for instance?). So you should ask which came first: the chicken or the egg.

@kenosis i remember times when gap of rohan was preferred more than gap 😛

@eternal said in After 5 years its time to go. It has been a blast. Thank you!:

@kenosis i remember times when gap of rohan was preferred more than gap 😛

Haha, I too remember the days of yore before Dual Gap was even a thing... good times

cannot tell if OP dislikes russians or aussies...

wish you'd reached out to me so we could've played dualgap as a team 😔
rest well brother

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