how to detect sup com cloaked?

My exp are often beaten by clocked commander. How can I see it ?

Omni radar ?
T1 unit with radar ?
T3 scout plane ?

Other ?

Thanks a lot.

OMNI. Not just omni radar, but anything that have omni so t3 scouts too.

Everything with omni. T3 radar, t3 scout plane, GC, support commander and true commander (with upgrades or on transport for example, very dangerous).

You can also ground fire without seeing it. Into beginning of beam or into footprints sometimes.

Thanks for your answers. Does cybran tech3 perimeter watching building can see him?

I dont think it can...

It does not.

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@jip Wow never knew that!

(For safety reasons I wanna point out that the "omni radar"/t3 radar has two circles. The larger one is the normal radar and only the smaller one is the 'omni-radar')

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Your ACU could see it but I don't recommend depending on it. Only the Aeon ACU with enhanced sensors upgrade has omni range greater than the Cybran microwave laser range.

Thanks for these detail. I guess this is why someone proposed to transport the ACU so that I can see it without being killed (by the clocked ACU). But very dangerous I agree.

You can transport acu or sacu, to see the cloaked acu, then target lock units on cloak acu, then remove transport and acu/sacu. Because, if cloak acu dies, explosion can kill transport, and so everything in transport dies. Also you must avoid, that anything else kills your transport, while acu is in it, of course.

Your acu can of course have Aeon enhanced sensors, if you are Aeon. But if your acu has laser, and you have massive military support, (like spider in right direction), you could also win agains cloak acu. Consider also possible added range by gun. Or maybe heavy shields with massive military support, (like spiders faceing in right direction), but as you probably understand, those things dont let much room for errors. And are very dangerous.

Just send t3 scout

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