Weekly Discussion #16 - What kinds of rewards would you like to see?



I’ve always wanted cybran lasers and build beams to be team colored

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u


I think the decal idea @Blodir suggested is better than skins as a reward because it's immediately visible even when zoomed out. And part of the work's already done


My own suggestion is some sort of automatic announcement in lobby chat upon joining. Still requires significant work to implement, 4z0t would know more about exactly how much

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Just had another idea: custom ACU detonations

Edit: Oooh, or Overcharge projectiles. I want mine to be nyan cat


This skin stuff will work on trust as long as owner dont leak it 😄


@blodir said in Weekly Discussion #16 - What kinds of rewards would you like to see?:

Can we mod shaders? If you know how to then hit me up. I'd be curious to play around with them a bit. I've written a few shaders for my 3d renderer project, but idk what I'm doing really.

Yes - we can adjust shaders to anything we like using the game repository. The only limitation is that we it is far from trivial to add in new inputs.

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Given that this thread seem to have derailed into cool colour ideas:

I would like to be able to select the colours of everyone in the lobby for my game, and not affect them. That way, on my screen I can always be pink and so can someone else.


Makes communicating by referring with colors completely impossible.



Player (team colours) has already been implemented to be adjustable.
Right click the icon in the top left to adjust what colours you want to use.


3d printed and painted model from the faction of choice.