Knights and King Tournament


Here is my first attempt at hosting a tournament! The premise is you have 2 lower rated knights lead by a high rated that can observe and coach. My goal is to allow some lower rated players to play with and learn from experienced players. I hope everyone enjoys!


Tournament Dates:
Date of play:
September 3rd 14:00 UTC

Signups Close/Draft Starts:
August 13th

TD: SpikeyNoob

Bracket Link: TBD



Total Prize Pool: $150
Donations would be greatly appreciated!
$100 donated by Exselsior
$50 donated by Spikey

1st: Custom Avatar $100
2nd: Faction Face Avatars $50
3rd: Faction Logo Avatars


Each team will include 2 under 1900 knights that will take part in the games and a 1900+ king that will ctrl k at the start of each round and assist their teammates without playing. The tournament will follow a single elimination format with the first rounds being BO1 and all the following rounds BO3.

Teams will be selected by a draft. The lowest rated King will select their first teammate followed by the next lowest king. This will continue until all kings have a teammate, then the lowest king will draft their second teammate and the cycle repeats. A kings highest rating on July 30th will be used to create the draft order.


Map pool:
Map Gen 15x15 (8 spawns)
Map Gen 20x20 (8 spawns)


zerg canyon
Crazy Backtrack
Wonder open 5v5 v3b
Desert crisis

The Ditch
Lena River
Pelagial v2
Adaptive Crateria
Seton's Clutch - FAF Version (mid and rock)

(For now the game as the last 2v2 tourny. Subject to change up to the end of signups)

3 alternating vetoes each, low seed vetoes first. High seed picks map 1. Low seed picks map 2. Players veto down for the last map. All maps are viable to veto on the 3rd game.

There is a pool of 13 maps and maps will be selected using a veto and pick system. This means each team has 3 vetos, with the lower seed in the group vetoing first in an alternating pattern. (ie lower seed, upper seed, lower seed, upper seed). Next the higher seed will select the first map, the lower seed the second map, and if necessary teams will resume vetoing maps until only 1 remains with the lower seed vetoing first.

No faction veto will be used for this tournament.

Once a map is picked for a round, the team that selected that respective map will confirm their team setup (who is playing slot 1 and 2) and the lower seeded team will then proceed to pick the slot setup they wish to play.

For mapgen, both teams can enter the lobby and view the map prior to sending in their vetoes. Each team now gets 1 reroll, but must use the rerolled map. Players must host with the tournament settings on when using map gen.

To clarify map picking and faction veto:

  1. Figure out whether you use the upper or lower bracket pool.
  2. Lower seed (as shown by the position in the group) vetoes first map
  3. Higher seed vetoes next map
  4. Lower seed uses next veto
  5. Higher seed uses next veto
  6. Lower seed uses final veto
  7. Higher seed uses final veto
  8. Higher seed then picks the first map to play from the list of maps in the pool that have not been vetoed
  9. Lower seed picks the second map following the same rules
  10. In the event of a tie, players veto down the remaining maps until 1 remains with lower seed going first
  11. The winner reports the results (including losses and tie games) to their group's tournament director in the IRC channel


  • Late players will be given a sub of equal or lesser rating if available, if not they will play down a player or forfeit
  • The king on the higher seeded team will host each game.
  • Prize money will be split equally between both the knights and the king



  • Yudi (2535)
  • Grimplex (2319)
  • YellowNoob (2216)
  • Swkoll (2198)
  • Sladow (2190)
  • Bully (2188)
  • RowanMorseYT (2080)
  • Edtjuh (1975)
  • Archsimkat (1927)
  • Auriko (1922)


  • Exselsior (1884)
  • Mr-Skill-Issue (1867)
  • Unknow (1858)
  • crusher12321 (1849)
  • FTXCommando (1848)
  • BoomNoob (1846)
  • orb (1800) (reserved for swkoll)
  • Terminal (1799)
  • Cast_Away (1787)
  • salnik (1670)
  • Penguin_ (1635)
  • snowy801 (1600)
  • Javi (1561)
  • Skuzz (1400)
  • Rort (1259) (reserved for swkoll)
  • HalcyonWolf (1255)
  • Hemfast (1206)
  • Talon (1200)
  • Rowey (1137)

If you are too low rated to play or the tourny is already full you will be put here

  • dman82499 (675)

signing up, highest rating 2188 (4v4)

signing up

"Good luck and a safe landing commanders!"

signing up. Highest rating is 1255 - global.

Woof Woof.

I'm in boi

Required rating for participation in balance talks when?

Interested in a night with daddy πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘ˆ

Let's go gamers

sign in

me to

Sign me up pls

signing up under coercion 1600

Talon Sign up (1200ish)

signing up, highest rating 675 global, 650 2v2

Shout out to the Spikes from the dualist tournament, ya'll killing it with the comebacks

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@dman82499 Unfortunately there is a 1250 rating minimum. But i decided to add all under rating limit players to a backup list so if we do not have enough sign ups or someone does not show up u can substitute. Thanks for ur support πŸ™‚

Sign up salnik (1670)

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A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

Prize pool has been updated to represent the $50 i am putting in. Any additional donations would be gladly accepted πŸ™‚

Prize pool has been upped again due to the $100 donation from @Exselsior. I have also removed the prize money from 3rd place in favor of higher prizes for 1st and 2nd.

sign me up as a knight!

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