Depth charges in russian translation

In russian translation depth charges are called "смертельный разряд" in unit tags. Could we change it to something more appropriate like "глубинные бомбы"? Its kinda misleading.

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I don't know what either says, @Ctrl-K could you confirm this change and make a pull request?

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I can confirm. in russian translation it is "death charge", instead of depth charges.

"Глубинные бомбы" is, pretty sure, the correct translation

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made a PR so that we don't forget it 🙂

Can we change the English version to death charges?


thanks for reporting this, the change is already merged to the FAF dev version.
And will be part of the next game patch

@veteranashe said in Depth charges in russian translation:

Can we change the English version to death charges?

Please read the topic:
"Depth charges in russian translation"

If you want a change in another language, please open a new thread for it.

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Locked since the topic has served it's purpose

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