WD #3 - Ridiculous Balance Ideas

Give mexes 5x adjacency bonus; just mexes, not fabs, pgens, storages etc.

Give Aeon ACU Nano-Repair on the right arm, and Double Chrono upgrade.

What if you add unit upgrades to its respective HQ? For exsample UEF land HQ could have an upgrade pressureproof shields, that would allow for Titans to walk underwater. Could spice up naval maps with it.

Or some upgrade that will allow idle transports to be able to build stuff like flying engies. Things along that line that give you more strategic options and flexibility with your units, so you can be creative how you play. They should be quite pricey if you want to invest in it, but same goes for your Commander upgrades.

Move Cybran ACU T2 Suite to Back, and Resource Allocation to Right Arm

RAS SCU's cant move, shoot or build while producing mass / energy (some kind of button to toggle)

The Brick is solid armor. 2x HP slower 1/2 DPS. I mean, it makes sense for a brick.
Frigates can carry troops in amphibious assaults. (Beach invasions) Makes an entirely new use of submarines and the oceans. Cybran frigate may be able to hide the units inside from radar (muahah).
T2 Railed artillery that can move on a rail. It makes the game more immersive.
Other factions get landmines because Cybran has the bomb beetle. All factions could have naval mines too.
Some units can have turrets that are gyroscopic meaning the turret isnt moving with the body so you can micro better. It's a lot like having an aurora on top of a striker. This would help this big heavy units a lot such as an army of percivals or a monkeylord.
A game option called, "Support Acu AI" . Once your support commander arrives it will have a separate economy. It will try to help you and you can give or take from it or even give each one a small property. The AIs will be very generous and compliant following your strategic moves and giving you gifts of resources or building positive income mass fabrication farms. They can poke at the enemies for you or save you if you are getting close to death by offering a t2 air transporter.

  1. Remove Mass Storage from the game & add small amounts of storage to most units like mass extractors & factories.
  2. Make Hover Units move slower on land and make them faster on water.
  3. Make T3 Artillery more Tactical so it's not the absolute strategy on 20x20 Late Game
  4. Make Shared Army the standard for every game, 1 Commander everyone else is support commanders 😄
  5. Remove Reclaim 😗

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Not really balance, just weird ideas.

Cybran shields block other players' vision of shielded area unless other player has unit within shielded area.

UEF T3 "hypersonic" tac missile. 2x range, 2x speed, requires two hits from TMD to defeat.

Aeon ACU advanced sensor upgrade gives mini eye of Rhianne style quantum optics.

Seraphim sniper bots can target air units.

Revive mode. Quantum gateway can rebuild a defeated teammate's ACU.

Make very unit able to shoot to ground/air from Transports (Percival Ghettos incoming)

T1 ACU can build T1 radar.

Give T2/T3 Navy the ability to transport/build engies.

Or Navy transports, like someone else suggested in the Suggestion thread.

Rename the wailer to whaler. It gets harpoons to drag off sub's to your factory for reclaim.

Chrono can stun air units again

While a unit/building is being captured, it can't be control-Ked (or if that would be too powerful, don't allow it to be ctrl-ked after already has a certain percentage of capture. E.g. if the building is at least 50% captured, ctrl-k is disabled. so it's not impossible to ctrl-k it before it gets captured but the defending player has to move quickly and the ctrl-k frees up the engineer/ACU to move on to their next target sooner.)

reclaiming a building won't prevent a volatile explosion IF the building's hp drops below -10% (so if it gets hit with a big weapon like a strat bomb or percival shot, it is likely to explode, but small weapons like mantis shots or beam weapons like novax won't do that). With beam weapons it might be easier to kill the engies first anyway.

-10% would be: for a UEF t1 pgen, that has about 760 hp, so if it drops to -76 or below, it would still explode. for a UEF t3 pgen, 9000 hp, would need to do 900 "extra" damage beyond killing it, to force an explosion. Which is very doable with a percy or a strat bomber.

UEF T3 transport can pickup enemy ACU

Aeon ACU gets a hat propeller upgrade allowing it to jump a far distance. The modeling for this upgrade is essential.

Sera ACU is invisible when not moving, only the eyes can be seen.