Sacrifice Bug Aeon Support Com

If I sacrife a Aeon Support Com with Rambo Preset I get 117 from 5000 for Paragon, when I build a Aeon Support Com with the same extensions as the Rambo Preset I just jump up 17 from 5000 for Paragon.
This should be a bug I think, because you spend same mass/energy for both units.

If i understood correctly it is because sacu without preset but with upgrades counts as a sacu without upgrades, but the preseted sacu with upgrades is counts with upgrades costs.

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Essentially its the cost out of the factory that is used. Upgrades don't count towards the 'cost' of the unit and therefore aren't factored into the sacrifice.

@angelofd347h Yes this is the fact I think. But I guess the actual mass/energy which is in the Supcom should be used for the count. Do you agree?

That would theoretically buff the teleporting experimentals as the 15k mass per each teleport upgirade will count toward sacrifice.

IMO it is a bug, but not many seem to care and we just spend development time on other things for now...

Same thign happens with veteranicy. if you make a rambo sacu it will vet slowly, but if you make naked one and upgraide to rambo it will vet super fast

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just a note from code side,

sacrifice is handled by the engine and the blueprint value that can only be registered at the start of the game.
Means, we can't change the return value for sacrifice after an upgrade or enhancement.

We can fix the veterancy, but the interactions are unclear: what if you already vetted once, and then you gain an enhancement. Do you unvet, because the requirements increased? And what do we do the other way around, can you then suddenly gain vets?

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Just keep it as a reward for going through the apm tax of manually upgrading tbh, it’s like almost never going to be worth it anyway and it also brutally nerfs ACU aggression.