Before starting a game ender, what do you want your eco income to be?

Ok so you have decided to build a Mavor, Paragon, Scathis, Salvation or Yolona. Highly expensive time consuming game enders to build.

I suggest a minimum of 500 mass per second. And be overflowing energy by at least 6k per second.

I appreciate that the longer you wait and keep ecoing up then the quicker the game ender will be to build but over ecoing means you probably aren't helping your team with any battles and if you wait too long then the enemy can start to bring strong pressure against you, possibly with multiple T3 heavy arty etc.

When do you consider your eco to be strong enough to start?

Just curious for everyone else thoughts and opinions.

IMO only start one if my mass is greater than 800. This could be a mistake but i feel like before that its not worth it. Ig reclaim does play a part aswell tho.

Depends on a lot of factors, but assuming the alternative is building RAS coms:

  • A RAS com pays for itself in 10 minutes (600 seconds)
  • A Mavor costs 225k mass
  • 225k/600 = 375 mass income
  • If you can spend about 90% of your mass income on the Mavor that goes up to 417 mass income needed

The above is incredibly simplified, and ignores things like buildpower, energy generation, reclaim, extra mass spent on shielding, and all that good stuff. But you can use it as a reference point.

Very one dimensional, your mass income might not even matter much if in the game situation you have 300k reclaim on the map.

@giebmasse So, setting aside map reclaim, what's your thinking on necessary eco to start a game ender?

600 to 1.2k mass
And you need more than 6k E surplus
You should have some 20 E storages and be reclaiming all that you can

you can get a stealth field generator, and make hives and give to allies
Get T3 shields and get T1 PD, dont get UEF and aeon T2 PD i think they can destroy your stuff with the AOE

Entirely dependent on the quantity of easy mass (reclaim) and medium mass (mexes) available on the map. Should always need like 600 mass going into a game ender at a baseline to complete it within 6 minutes.

A mix of t2 and t3 shields is better than just t3 shields. You also want to make sure the shields are nicely overlapping. But the answer is: it depends. The baseline though is usually at least 600 mass/s iirc

I hope you aren't starting a Yolo on 6k+ energy, you're going to stall like crazy, it costs 10,008,000 power, to build it in 6 minutes you're going to need like 34k power income.