Translating Seraphim units

Hi, I am a 32-years-old En/Ru translator (you may call me a linguist). I am thinking of giving Seraphim units proper, pronounceable names. Will the FAF administration accept my work? Because I am not starting the project until at least the idea gets approved (I don't want to waste hours for nothing). I would scan every unit in the game and make sure there are no collisions, I would also take into account most or all major mods. The theme would be apocalyptic/hellish (well, they did come to end the Earth): Examples: Yolona Oss -> Armageddon; Ahwassa -> Apocalypse; Selen -> Imp; Ilshavoh -> Incubus.

What do you think? It would make it more user-friendly.

Nothing is stopping you from making a mod to change the name of their units if you want to, but I highly doubt it will be officially integrated into FAF if that's what you were asking for.

Personally, I don't think there's much of a point in giving them human-readable names, it's part of the faction alien flavor.

Yeah, agree. While it's a cool idea for a mod I doubt it would ever get approved and be integrated into FAF directly.

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@melanol Albeit yes, Sera units are unpronounceable, I enjoy keeping their alien names because they are the alien faction.

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I think this can be done with a UI mod - that would allow you (and others) to use it individually. I am against integrating this as people are used to the current names: if a casters says 'Ilshavoh' then we all know what the caster means.

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Seraphim names are pronounceable just fine and already have a pattern and logic behind their language.

Most of the Seraphim unit names can be pronounced, it’s just that a few share rather similar names

People just say stuff like “ASF” instead of “Corona” or ”Wasp” or ”Battleship” instead of ”Summit” or ”Galaxy” anyways

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u

Seraphim Translations

Upper case first letter implys use at the start of words/names

Iya/iya - Creator (Generorator/Fabricator/Engineer/Factory)
Uya/uyal - Power
Hyal/yal - Mass
Vish - Storage of
atoh - Extractor (Hydro/Mass)

Heth - Land unit
Ia - Air unit
Uos - Above water naval
Sou/sou - Below water naval

Ioz - Missile
Ythis - Anti
Atha/atha/Athan (Atha when at the end of a word otherwise Athan) - defence (Shields/defence weapons)

genuinely curious on the ilshie -> incubus logic