Any mods that make mass extractor level more clear?

Hi guys, are there any mods that make it more clear what level a mass extractor is on? From time to time I just miss upgrading a mass extractor or 2 because I don't realize they are still on a lower level.

Is there also something that makes it more obvious which mass extractors are upgrading? I now usually just press upgrade on all of them at once and pause them so the ones that need upgrading are obvious.

Check out Ui party. Beside outher things, it has an option which shows you an overview of the tech level of your mexes

Embedding this into the icon of the extractor is by far the best approach - but not readily available yet. Performance wise the numbers that ui party adds is quite expensive.


See also this post from @Eternal. Perhaps you can make a suggestion there.

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Can just change the strategic icon to be different for each tech level.

If you have good performance, i can recommend you a mod that is called an "EcoManager" with turned off featutes. It highlight only your mexs.

With "Advanced Strategic Icons" and similar mods, the icons are bigger for T3 mexes than T2 mexes, and T2 mexes have bigger icons than T1 mexes. This does make the level of each mex more clear. The higher-level mexes are more noticeable.

This doesn't exactly solve your problem, which is that you want to notice low-level mexes that ought to be upgraded.

UI Party not only has an accounting of your mexes (telling you how many you have of t1, t1 upgrading, t2, etc.) but you can click on those icons to "select all." So you can click on the t1 mex icon to select all t1 mexes on the map. If you're zoomed out and you do that, you should quickly see where the "safest" ones are that you can upgrade.

There is also a keyboard shortcut for "Select nearest onscreen lowest tech idle mass extractor." That is also a way to find T1 mexes that you might want to upgrade.