SharedMouse [UI]


Share your mouse between teammates


Currently it is set like for 30FPS, highly recommend this mod only for players with good good internet and CPU, and less than 4 players in team with that mod


Show case -

Wait so how does this work? Do you have 1 mouse and you share it or what lol? Can I just move and command their units?

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Show case a bit meh, because of no delay between sharing, so the game simulation just stuck xD

awesome !

@eternal Wow actually, this is amazing! Could observers see where the mouses are? Would be insanely good for casting! Plus I would love sponsoring a tournament with this mod xD (in the future thou)

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@femboy they see, but only in live game while sitting on observers

@eternal Jsyk from my perspective all the cursors and eyes showed up as yellow squares.

@eternal I mean thats okay, most tourneys are casted live, this could be insane! does it take a lot of CPU? is it simmod or ui mod?

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Just a note: You should consider rewriting the mod description to make it more clear what it does.

At the moment, a lot of people I talked to thought you share your mouse control with other people ⇒ they can take control of your mouse. Instead of showing the mouse cursor from other mates.

Hey @Eternal , when using this mod with the newest FAF Develop there seems to be a problem. When the game launches i can't do anything. It feels like the game is not tabbed in, i cant zoom, use hotkeys or write, just watch the game.

@nuggets I will look on free time

Thanks for the great mod Eternal it's been very helpful. Looks like the bug Nuggets mentioned is now in live, would recomend people disable for now.


This mod has caused the faf to crash.

ive have removed all mods and recreated the game.prefs file and then restarted with share dmouse only and teh game crashes.

I concur with the above

Sad . Can someone link logs?

@Malkerian @jimjaw1988 @Navanis @Nuggets Mod is fixed. Uploaded to vaults. Cheers

Winner! Confirmed working!