Vanilla SupCom Aeon Mission 2: Machine Purge potential bug



In the 2nd Aeon mission in supcom's campaign, your first objective is to destroy a Cybran city. According to the wiki, when the city is 15% destroyed, the enemy ACU will launch a counterattack. However, in less than 5 minutes after game start, the Cybran commander will launch the "counterattack" regardless of any offense. Is this intended?


I should also mention, in the vanilla game and videos on youtube of this mission being played, regardless of difficulty, have the original behavior of the counterattack triggering at 15% destruction. I made sure timed expansion was off, as that seemed like the natural cause, but the >5min counterattack persisted.


That's not a bug but a feature. I reworked the mission to be more challenging and that means the enemy units don't wait until you have everything set up. Wiki is not a reliable source of information for the FAF version of the missions.