Soul Ripper should have stealth

Every Cybran T3 air unit has stealth, even free stealth in the case of the spy plane. The Soul Ripper is the most lackluster air experimental that doesn't really do anything interesting. I've never seen a cool play with a bug, unlike a CZAR or an Ahwassa ctrl+k. Giving it stealth, for free or at a constant energy cost, would give it more of a niche without really buffing it all that much. Thoughts?

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u

If anything I am afraid it will be too weak to make it relevant, but I like it. I find stealth and cloak underused in Cybran and putting it on another experimental could help.

Maybe give it a attack priority against air scouts along with it. The Soul Ripper has 120 dps AA at 60 range with 46 vision vs scout vision range of 42.

I kinda like this idea. I'm ready for a lack of scouting to result in a soul ripper ending a game. I feel that it could use a buff and this is nicely inline with Cybran's style.

Build a transport and deceiver to go with it.


That’s clunky to set up and the stealth will easily die to any aa. You might think that once aa has found the Soul Ripper it doesn’t matter anyways, but stealth on mobile units resets when they leave vision range. You could pull back a Soul Ripper and still hide it more easily for another attack rather than having it be tagged by t3 radar for the rest of its life…

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u

You can’t play that passively with Soul Ripper because 1) it’s slow 2) ASF aren’t and 3) if you’re building one where air is contested, that’s like 50 ASF you’re down.

It doesn’t have the massive range + hp of czar which allows czar to play more passively nor the huge alpha + speed of asswasher which does all its damage quickly and can then quickly retreat.


I agree that you can't really play very passively with the Soul Ripper, but people don't often want to chase things with their ASF into enemy territory over potential SAMs. Having the Soul Ripper disappear from T3 radar coverage if it does get away is still helpful because it means the other team's air can't have ASF in a good position to intercept it all the time. You could also bring it back to your base and control-K it without people knowing, etc.

This wouldn't be a major change, but that's why I think it should be a no brainer? It's a mediocre unit that nobody would be mad to see get a small buff like that which has factional flavor and could lead to more exciting games-- we all know that people don't scout as much as they should and having a Soul Ripper appear out of nowhere with a cloud of stealthed Gemini around it to snipe an SMD or something would be cool.

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u

@thomashiatt I thought this doesn't work, right?

From the wiki:

The stealth field is also ineffective when attempting to hide air units, although Cybran T3 air units have their own stealth fields.

@cptant That's wrong because you can put a deceiver in a transport. A ground-based stealth field won't hide air units, but an air-based stealth field will

I like that suggestion. Would give it a little cybran spice that it seems to be missing at the moment.

I dreamt last night that the Soul Ripper was modified so that it would constantly poop out fire beetles, any takers?
It will be considered for the next update.

Guys, is this the first time the balance forum has successfully produced a balance change?

No? It did in the past. I read through every thread, but most of them were not even worth replying to in the past. Now it's a bit better.
Also, quite a few ideas discussed in the balance forum were implemented or are in the process of being implemented.

Make a soul ripper have a few transport spots for some memes

@swkoll said in Soul Ripper should have stealth:

Guys, is this the first time the balance forum has successfully produced a balance change?

Yeah this has to be the first time, i've personally seen a Balance Team member be like "We'll consider it" XD

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