The Settling Scores Tournament ($160 total prizepool, 1v1)



The Settling Scores Tournament

Got a score to settle? A rival you just can't seem to pin down for a fight? Someone who you want to decisively say you play better than? Well, this is the tournament for you.

Dates: 02 October 2021

Tournament Director: CaptainKlutz

IRC: #SettlingScores

Prizes: Tournament Champion avatar + $20 for the 8 highest rated victors

This tournament is open to everyone with a 1v1 ladder rating of 1500 or higher.

How does it work?

  • Pick someone within 200 ladder rating of you who you've played many games against or with and challenge them to a best of 7.
  • The more history between you, the better! We want to see rivalry and revelry!
    If they accept, and I approve of the pairing, then you'll play on October the 2nd.
  • The winner of the Bo7 will get $20 plus an avatar.
  • If more than 8 pairs sign up, only the 8 highest rated pairs will get a payout so I don't go bankrupt šŸ˜„
  • The tournament will take place on October 2.

Final Schedule

Preliminary schedule:
Saturday 02 October
First match start time | Players
13:00 UTC (15:00 CEST, 9:00 EST) | Swkoll vs archsimkat
14:00 UTC | JaggedAppliance vs Tex
15:00 UTC | Auricocorico vs grimplex
16:00 UTC | EspinoTorreto vs TheWheelie
17:00 UTC | Jip vs Javi

Sunday 03 October
First match start time | Players
16:00 UTC (18:00 CEST, 12:00 EST) | Tagada vs TURBO2

Map Pool



  • Ties are replayed.
  • Pick and ban order is done between the players (Dota 2 style):
  • You will be allotted a timeslot to play in the week before the tournament; you will be evenly distributed (approx. 1 matchup starting every hour) to ensure good coverage by casters. Don't expect to play earlier than 1200 UTC or later than 2100 UTC. I will coordinate with each pair to ensure good start times for each party.
  • All participants need to be in the IRC chat of the Tournament 20 minutes before their slot starts.
  • All tournament code of conduct rules apply.

Looks good!

While we are at it, if you like, I am working on an automated sheet that players can use to query picks. The code is not implemented in full, but this is the template I intend to use. There IS some nice conditional formatting in place so that when factions are entered it changes to the color of that faction (makes it easy to read quick!).

The amount of games, maps, etc can be scaled fairly easily. I can show you how to use it if you like sometime.

Image of the format:

alt text

Bring it Jagged.

(Small disclaimer I am going on a climbing trip in the fall, so long as I'm free lets do it. I could also be convinced to play on a different day if allowed.)

@Javi I summon you!

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

Pepsi my greatest rival

@Swkoll cmon boy


@espinotorreto go fight @TheWheelie

@P0P0LIAK0V73 come here its time to settle scores

@thewheelie okay dear cream pie I am ready


Approved pairings so far:

Pairing 1: Jagged vs Tex
Pairing 2: Jip vs Javi
Pairing 3: EspinoTorreto vs TheWheelie

Please fill out when you can attend here: so we can organise your time slots. Oct 2 is the primary date, but Oct 3 is available for people like Tex and Jagged who may have events that weekend and would like a backup time slot. The table is in UTC.

I call dibs on @Swkoll

The tea-baguette alliance is over, I call for the next hundred years war ! @grimplex you shall die for your sins !!!

I would pay to see Aurico and Grimplex to see if the master has surpassed the student.

FAF Website Developer

Is grim the master?

This is public humiliation

The embodiment of depression...

The only humiliation will be when your ACU will explose repeatingly on the 2nd of October !

This tournament is ratingists! (This is a joke please no take this seriously). Good luck friend!

Iā€™m a shitty 1k Global. Any balance or gameplay suggestions should be understood or taken as such.

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