About the Chrono Dampner ACU Upgrade

I don't know about many of you but I rarely seen it used in play-having said that, I recently played a game in which it was used against me. wow

It seems broken to me but since I have so little experience with it, I'd like some more insight on it. Checking the unit database shows that it has the range of a t1 arty basically, I didn't count the seconds for interval(how often it fires) but it seemed rather high as well. and glancing at cost shows that as upgrades go its dirt cheap. Why? The cybran laser is ridiculously expensive so as to make generally unusable except in late game play or telelaser(I would think). Both the laser and chrono upgrade really weight fights in that coms favor-why is the chrono so much cheaper? For that matter, its so op to me, why is it so underutilized?

I can promise you that personally I will be using chrono a lot more now-if only to get more experience with it

Can anybody give more insight here? Weaknesses of the upgrade or reasons for the current balance?

It's expensive early and it gets your com killed in later, so to do Chrono you really have to invest in it and really use it and win before t3 starts coming on.

Think of a Chrono com v 3-4 Percy's

Double gun chrono com + a mobile shield or two and several e storages vs 3-4 percies and the chrono com will brutally crush if micro’d correctly. Chrono is kinda broken imo. Its only weakness is pd and air snipes.

People don’t make it because a lot of people don’t realize how insanely strong it is and because hardly anyone mains Aeon it seems like.

There was a thread awhile back talking about it and I liked the proposed idea to reduce the stun duration the further away from the com you are.

Chorono is really strong at defending. A chrono acu is unkillable by t2 units if it has enough room to retreat. It is great for covering a t3 landswitch or just general overecoing.

@exselsior this sounds amazing but hard to implement-did they also discus increasing the cost? I don't mind its brokeness as much if it was expensive to implement like a stealthed and cloaked cybran com with laser and t3 suite

sure that will crush most anything that doesn't have built in omni or isn't in omni range but the power costs to both upgrade that far and run it are simply crippling

The proposed Chrono rework is here

The stun time difference and whether or not there will be a cost change is up to the balance team.

Also I don't think maser is a good comparison point for com upgrades since it's really only made for telemaser.

Cloak is only made if you are in your 50th minute on Seton's and have "fuck you" eco.

Is there a reason by the way why the chrono dampener stuns?

Constantly slowing down all enemy units and projectiles in range would be less oppressive than a stun mechanic while still powerful, rewarding micro. Stun seems to be out of favor in any game nowadays.

I think it stuns because it is both easier to implement (get all units in radius X every Y seconds) and easier to understand (they're stunned - immediately recognizable)

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@deribus said in About the Chrono Dampner ACU Upgrade:

Also I don't think maser is a good comparison point for com upgrades since it's really only made for telemaser.


@deribus said in About the Chrono Dampner ACU Upgrade:

Cloak is only made if you are in your 50th minute on Seton's and have "fuck you" eco.

It's half the cost of tele. It has some niche uses, you can use it to bait and defend an experimental push for example.

@jip I disagree on the effect, it is just a 0.5 second debuff to speed, acceleration, turret rotation etc for units applied every 0.5 seconds.

Affecting projectiles properly would be more difficult I guess.

Visibility requires a good volunteer artist I agree.

Just watched a replay where a cloaked maser com took out a gc(or spider) and a bunch of t3, maser and Chrono are not even close to the same

Cloaked mazer, which is 2.5 times more expensive. Regular mazer com can be kited and killed by 2 percies.

@veteranashe it cannot take out a gc, since it has omni

Yes it was a spider. I went and found it and checked, there is 2 very good maser events in this cast at 31 mins and at 40 mins and is very entertaining.