2021 Summer Invitational Qualifier

Hello and welcome to the Qualifier Tournament for the 2021 Summer Invitational. The winners of this tournament will fill up the remaining slots in the group stage as well as determine substitutes. Players who have received invites are not eligible to participate (a list of invites can be found here).

This is going to be a 1v1 Double Elimination bracket with BO3 games in the winners bracket and BO1 games in the losers bracket. The bracket will be seeded based on ladder rating. Each BO3 will consist of a 5x5, 10x10, and 20x20, played in that order.

There is no rating requirement or maximum number of signs ups for this tournament, the number of BO1s vs BO3s in the winners bracket will be adjusted to ensure a timely tournament.

All standard tournament rules apply. In the event of a tie in position occurs (ie 7-8th) which is needed to determine whether a player will advance to the group stage, a BO1 will be played to determine who advances. Signups will close 15 minutes before the start time.

Date: July 10th
Start Time: 14:00 UTC
Chat: /join #summer
Challonge: https://challonge.com/qrx5aap5
Tournament Directors: Swkoll, HintHunter
Stream: twitch.tv/faflive

In addition to qualifying for the group stage, 1st place will receive the summer qualifier champion avatar. With 8 accepted invites, the top 8 players will advance to the Group Stage with higher places receiving a higher group pick/seed.

To signup leave your faf name and ladder rating in a post below (or just msg me on faf).

Map Pool:

Cobalt Valley
Sweepwing Sanctum
Williamson's bridge

Cadmium Green
Forgotten Facilities - 10x10
Map Gen - 10x10 - Tournament
Open palms - FAF version
Twin Rivers
Zeuthea Valley

Bermuda Locket - FAF version
Crossfire Canal - FAF version
Emerald Crater
Map Gen - 20x20 - Tournament
Point of Reach v4
Seraphim Glaciers - FAF version
The Drunken Beetles Dance


  1. Tex 2222
  2. Mozy 2024
  3. WoundedElkNoob 2010
  4. Blast_Chilled 1931
  5. Eternal- 1830
  6. Inspektor_Kot 1813
  7. banani 1807
  8. F-Odin 1803
  9. Wifi_OP 1754
  10. hybrid_ 1702
  11. Se7ven 1639
  12. Jip 1415
  13. Lucied 1388
  14. Sheikah 1383
  15. demonstreamer666 1369

Faction vetos are part of standard rules ? Or out ?

@auricocorico No faction or map veto for the qualifier. Both for group stage and playoffs.

Ssad aurora noise

sing me up plz
1513 ladder

Sign me up too 🙂
My 1v1-rating is 1415.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

sign me up pls

sign me up

sign me up, dm me on discord if im not there


Signing up, because Swkoll deleted my post.

i will play if i won't oversleep for work

@swkoll I sign up! plz give me a spot 🙂

sign me up

sign me up

sign me up

sign me up!

Sign up 1639

This post is deleted!

misjudged the time zone, I can't play as I'll be travelling 😕